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Navigating Through Life’s Toughest Transitions with George Kalantzis

George Kalantzis

George Kalantzis is a father, author and ex-Marine, who is breaking the mold and is on the journey of empowering others to overcome the darkest days in their lives and providing a safe space for others through his words.

 Life is not linear. It’s a magnificent dance that invites us to be more than what we can ever imagine. But that doesn’t mean that growth is easy.  Transitions from one stage of life to the next can trigger feelings of fear, shame, guilt, anger, resentment and even depression.

In the powerful book that George writes about navigating through life’s tough transitions, he’s going to help you let go of the past and move into the future with strength, dignity, and optimism.  He shows you how to fully accept yourself and rewrite the way you see the world to stop holding yourself back from your best self and to unlock extreme power.  Your life is unfolding exactly the way it was intended. And throughout this episode, we will discuss certain subjects that you can learn from on how to connect with your heart.


What You’ll Learn: 

Why George chose to write this book and what the title of it, “Nowhere To Go” means.

George Kalantzis talks about how he is now connecting with his father who is going through terminal cancer.

George talks about how he grew up as a son from Greek parents and his relationship with his dad.

George explains how we usually misconstrude mentorship.

Protection mechanisms: What they are and mean for our lives as men.

George talks explains what being color blind means for him when it comes to feelings and how he has been able to let go of the strict habits he grew up on to embrace that is truly important in life.

Larry shares the story about a picture he took and posted on instagram where his children left their shoes in the living room. He then shares how that can be something upsets him or change that as a choice and embrace it and know that it means that his children are home and after a few years they will not be there as they will be off in college.

George shares the story for the inspiration and process to go about writing “Nowhere to Go”

George talks about the first chapter of the book? What does freedom have to do with transitions

George summarizes what it is like to be a headless human, which is a part of his book.

George talks about why reminders are important and expands on uncertainty and why it is important in our lives.


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George Kalantzis




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