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Full Focus & Presence Training

Learn how to connect with your kids without getting distracted so you can be fully present

Many of us struggle to shut down our thoughts and distractions (such as our phones) when we are trying to spend quality time with our family.

In a world full of constant distractions, it can be hard to connect with others or even be fully present in the moment.

This resource is for anyone who struggles with maintaining focus. It will provide tips and tricks on how to control your thoughts better so that you can stay directed on what’s important.

Extraordinary marriage

Learn how to reignite your relationship in this FREE 21-Day email series.

In this free email series, you will be able to not only improve your marriage, but possibly make it better than it has ever been before. Start transforming your marriage now.


25 conversation starters that will help you
connect with your spouse on a deeper level

Instead of waiting for negative events to happen or for arguments to occur, use these questions as a way to have continuous meaningful conversations with your spouse. These will help you reconnect and rediscover why you got married in the first place! If it’s been months since either of you felt connected, don’t worry – we’re confident that these questions will get the two of you talking again!

With these questions, you’ll move beyond the basics of “how was your day” or “what do you want for dinner.” Each question is designed to be non-threatening, easy to answer, and enjoyable!

Creating more patience

Our biggest regrets in life happen when we’ve lost our patience.

Wife and children suffer when our internal volcano erupts. But the good news is that there are solutions for this. We can teach ourselves to become more patient. So, if you’re sick of feeling like a ticking time bomb, you can take action today to master your patience.

The Dad’s Edge Book

9 Simple Ways To Have: Unlimited Patience, Deeper Connections and Relationships, and Creating a Positive Lasting Memories

If you could improve one area in your dad journey…what would it be? What would it be like if you mastered not one, but several aspects of your dad journey all at once?

What would life be like if you improved your level of patience, had better and deeper connections with your wife and kids, improved your relationships outside the immediate family, and all while mastering a good work/life balance. How would life be different if you did this?