The Gifts in Life That Come From Struggles with Nikki Sixx
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The Gifts In Life That Come From Struggles with Nikki Sixx

Nikki Sixx

My guest today is Nikki Sixx and I have to tell you, this is by far one of the best interviews and guests I’ve had on the podcast. I  grew up on Motley Crew and no doubt this interview surpassed all my expectations in the content he shared, his authenticity and so much more. You won’t want to miss it. 

Nikki Sixx is one of the most respected, recognizable and entrepreneurial icons in the music industry. He founded Motley Crew and has been sober for 21 years. He is incredibly passionate about his craft and wide open about his life in rock and roll.   

He was an All-American kid growing up. He loved to hunt, fishing, he chased girls, played football, but underneath of all of it, there was this burning desire for more, and that was music.

It’s one of my top 5 interviews, that is all I can say. 


What You’ll Learn: 

Nikki talks about what it was llike growing up without his father and even through it all, he had a good childhood with his grandmother and grandfather.

Larry talks about how he met his father when he was 30 by mistake and the lessons he learned after.

19:42 Quote
Nikki: “You can’t live in the quicksand. 

Nikki talks about maturing and how this is the best thing you can pass on to your kids.

Nikki talks about lessons in life about being a better dad.

Nikki talks about carrying the baggage and how damaging that can be in life.

Nikki remembers and talks about a moment when he talked to a therapist who was the complete opposite to him but he got one of his biggest AHA moments.

Nikki: This Too Shall Pass
He talks about the good, the bad and the important stuff in life.

Nikki talks about how one can “burn down the building” and still be a good person.

Nikki recalls his childhood and how he grew up in nature and the lessons that it taught him.

Nikki discusses time management, bands, writing books and the memory of him thinking one day if he would be able to afford a sports car.

Nikki talks about challenging you to one year of sobriety.

Nikki: “By being honest, you can help other people”

Nikki talks about how humans are the only animal that can change the shape of their body and brain by adding or ommiting stuff to it. He then goes on to talk about optimizing yourself by simplifying your life.

Ethan (Larry’s son) asks Nikki SixxL: What advice would you give a teenager in this generation and Nikki expands on the use of drugs and alcohol due to peer-presure.


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Nikki Sixx




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