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Achieve More Through Optimal Sleep

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Optimal sleep is Critical to our Success, Productivity, Health, and Happiness

Think about it for a minute, how do you feel when you don’t get optimal sleep?  How do you feel the next day?  What is your productivity like?  What is your mood like?  Do your relationships suffer because you feel like total crap?  Does your professional life take a beating because you feel exhausted?  Are you keeping Red Bull, Monster, and Starbucks in business to keep your energy up?

If you are answering “YES” to any of the above questions, chances are you are not giving your body and mind the optimal sleep it needs to be your best.

Sleep and Testosterone

We have said it time and time again, but if you want to keep your body fat low, have sustained energy for the whole day, and keep your libido high then sleep is a must.  Our bodies produce the largest amount of testosterone when we are getting optimal sleep.

Get Optimal Sleep by Creating a “Sleep Sanctuary”

Optimal sleep is achieved hours before our head hits the pillow.  Make sure you have the following in check before you turn in for the night.

  • No electronics 90 minutes before bed
  • Blackout curtains
  • Get to bed before 10:30pm
  • If you use electronics right before bed, use blue blocking glasses
  • No TV in your room
  • No caffeine after 12pm (including soda, tea, or coffee)
  • Crank down that thermostat to 68 degrees or lower


Optimal Sleep Means Better Relationships

When you feel good, you will have more patience and energy for your loved ones.  Think about it, when we don’t get a good night’s rest we can be moody, irritable, and not the best person to be around.  Don’t be that guy.  Get your Z’s and show up big for the people who love you most!


Thanks for checking out this week’s Five Minute Thursday on Optimal Sleep.


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