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How to Level Up Your Marriage with Dan Purcell

Dan Purcell

Dan Purcell is a husband, father of 6 children, and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of Get Your Marriage On! and CEO of Virgo Dev. Purcell has always been an entrepreneur at heart, and is motivated by creating products people love and creating a positive effect in their lives.

Purcell and his wife founded Get Your Marriage On! because they both found a passion in helping couples discover their true potential as spouses. Through this passion, came an app called Intimately Us which helps people discover what makes a passionate marriage really passionate. 

As married couples, we sometimes fall into this ceiling of intimacy or the “peak” of intimacy in our marriages. We think that this is it in terms of connecting with one another on an intimate level. We’re scared to take the next step and ask one another pivotal questions to improve upon our intimacy because we don’t want to fall down a few levels. 

Relationships are always a choice. Once you make your choice, you jump in with both feet. You can’t keep the back door open because you’re never fully committed to the person you’re with. Once you figure out that you’re with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, the back door closes forever.

What You’ll Learn: 


Dan talks about his wife, kids, and what he does for a living.


Dan talks about the birth of his brand, “Get Your Marriage On.”


Dan talks about what intimacy means to him and his wife.


Dan talks about the good and bad things that arise from talking about intimacy with your spouse.


Dan talks about why friction is a good thing, and it means that a marriage is working.


Dan talks about what a good date looks like in a marriage.


The app Dan created called Intimately Us.


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Dan Purcell




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