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The World’s Toughest Lifelong Learner

Today, Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman revisits The Dad Edge. He is a former Spanish teacher turned UFC Champion who now hosts The Spaniard Show podcast and is the author of Driven: My Unlikely Journey from Classroom to Cage.

Charlie is here to talk about his new book, Becoming the World’s Toughest Lifelong Learner: A Book for Anyone Who Wants to Pursue Anything. He shares his principles for overcoming the fear of starting something new and pushing through obstacles in business, health, and relationships. He gives us a template on how to tap into courage and the mental tools we need to keep moving forward not matter what. Learn how to become the world’s toughest lifelong learner in this episode!

Becoming the World’s Toughest Lifelong Learner

Whatever idea or passion you pursue, you’ll face obstacles, mess and doubt. I know because I’m chronicling the ups and downs in real time as I build my life and career: TOP 7 ranked UFC fighter, reality TV champion, nationally-ranked Division I wrestler / 1st Team All-Academic, podcaster with 1200+ episodes. This book is a combination memoir and how-to for hanging tough as you find the best way forward. In it, I share 11 principles that have helped me transition from professional fighting into podcasting, speaking and writing. I hope you’ll join me in trying to live them out and learn from the best. In the first three years of my podcast, I’ve recorded 128 talks with world-class guests, and I’ve systematically shared insights from studying 89 books. This is how I pursue my mission to embody and inspire lifelong learning that will help you make the most of your life. I’m out to sharpen the same hunger in you so you can take my title: World’s Toughest Lifelong Learner.


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