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Larry Hagner – What Gets Measured Gets Improved

In this episode of the Dad Edge Podcast, Larry Hagner discusses the importance of measuring progress and introduces a new tool called the Five Dials, which helps participants track their growth in various areas of their lives. The boardroom is a tight-knit group of dad business owners who focus on growing their businesses, improving their marriages, and strengthening their relationships with their kids. Larry Hagner also highlights the trifecta of business, marriage, and parenting and emphasizes the importance of creating a nurturing environment for open communication with our children. 

Family connection and self-improvement are two essential aspects of a fulfilling and meaningful life. One of the metrics mentioned is the “boardroom score” based on the concept of family board meetings by Jim Shields. This score rates how well the speaker is connecting with his family and children. It emphasizes the importance of having a five-year vision and regularly reviewing and working towards it.

One aspect of self-improvement that is often overlooked is the relationship between physical fitness and mental and emotional well-being. Larry Hagner highlights the importance of maintaining fitness in order to achieve better mental and emotional fitness. He also mentions that many people experience a decline in their fitness over time, but they strive to push themselves and their team to improve their physical fitness quarter over quarter.

This episode highlights the significant role that accountability plays in achieving goals. As well as the importance of setting clear goals, having a plan, and regularly checking in with an accountability partner or group. By doing so, individuals can significantly increase their chances of success in various areas of life. Through accountability, individuals can create a path towards personal growth, success, and fulfillment.

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Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Measure your family connection consistently.
  2. Improve life through like-minded community.
  3. Fitness equals mental and emotional fitness.

What You’ll Learn

00:01:21 Measure and prioritize family connections.

00:05:13 Family connection and personal growth.

00:10:07 Fitness and net worth goals.

00:18:30 Accountability leads to goal success.

00:20:29 Improve life through like-minded tribes.



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