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Brenneman vs. Hagner: The Good Dad Project Interview

In this episode, Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman turns the tables and puts Good Dad Project creator and host Larry Hagner in the spotlight. Learn all about the humble beginnings of The Good Dad Project and what it’s like to interview amazing guests. You’ll also hear about Larry’s mastermind groups, how he balances work and family, and why he hates his first name.

Larry Hagner

Larry had been married to his wife for fourteen years and is the father to four boys. Yes. Four. Aged eleven, nine, three, and one. He says parenting four boys is chaos and he couldn’t do it without a sense of humor. He and his wife refer to the kids as “the drunk people” because they talk nonsense, miss the toilet when they pee, and show up to dinner without pants.

The Good Dad Project

The Good Dad Project is a blog and a podcast with over 200 hundred shows logged featuring NY Times bestselling authors, professional athletes, famous fighters, motivational speakers, and Navy SEALS. Larry Hagner is the author of two books, a children’s book and a guidebook for dads. He is a mastermind facilitator and manages huge community of dads from across the world.

Larry offers The Dad Edge free private Facebook group where men discuss anything and everything. He also has two tiers of mastermind groups: The Dad Edge Alliance and the Elite Mastermind. He credits his business model from combining what he’s learned from his close friends and mentors, Aaron Walker from View from the Top and Ryan Michler from Order of Man.

On Being a Connector

Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman knows Larry Hagner’s connecting abilities first hand. Larry agrees that being a connector is his strength. Larry relies heavily on the radical relationships he has formed and feeds those relationships by branching out to other likeminded individuals. Why not share fantastic people with other fantastic people?

The Power of Talking

In a society where everything is automated and fast, talking is grossly underrated. But Larry Hagner believes in getting personal in the men his mastermind groups. He hosts calls every week on the Zoom platform where everyone can talk and view each other on video.

He could easily have a landing page where anyone can access the group, but Larry calls each and every man to approve them first. This takes a lot of time and effort, but what goes on in the mastermind is very personal and the call beforehand starts the relationship off on the right foot.

These groups create a dynamic, ever-changing synergy. In one-to-one coaching, the client only gets one perspective, but in a mastermind group, he will get a variety of perspectives, answers, and strategies. This is the value of a tribe, something we’ve lost as a society and mastermind groups fill that void.

The Vision

When Larry first started his groups, he was terrified. Would they men like it? Would they stay? Because of this, he constantly asks for feedback and remains open to criticism. What is the need out there? Negative feedback used to hurt his feelings, but now he sidesteps his ego so he can get better. He strives to bring more value to his shows and groups every day.

The Growth of GDP

After one year of steady podcasting, Larry only hit 50K downloads. He was frustrated, but stayed the course. He started really paying attention to which shows the audience responded to according to download numbers and audience emails.

Just one more year of sticking with the show, The Good Dad Project has reached 1 million downloads and is gaining momentum.

Playing the Long Game

Growing a show and cultivating a community took extreme patience on Larry’s part. At one point, he had to take out of his retirement for website and production expenses, but he kept the faith.

He says that if you would do what you’re doing for free, and you pay attention to the needs of the people you are helping, then you will eventually be successful. Passion will not do it alone. You also need the right recipe and you must keep learning and changing till you find the right one.

There’s no way around putting in the hard work.

Overcoming Self-doubt

Larry always had the desire to educate and improve himself. Five years ago, he was not the man or the father he wanted to be, and the GDP was his way of educating himself.

He now can’t imagine being a father without The Good Dad Project in his life. His kids would suffer and he would suffer. This is why Larry is determined to keep the project growing. It has become larger than himself. At this point, he knows he has to deliver to his audience all the time and in a big way so he can also deliver these same things home.

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