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Defying All Odds with Anthony Trucks

Anthony Trucks…defying the odds.

Victim of circumstance. That is not who Anthony Trucks is. Growing up as a foster child, he chose not to fall into the stigma of the statistics for many foster children. Instead, he used that societal assumption as a catalyst for his life. He decided that he would go against the presumed outcome of foster children as failures in life and challenged all preconceived notions. With a passion for football, and the support of his foster parents, Anthony succeeded in playing college ball, going on to professional football and then on to a successful entrepreneurship in  motivating others.

Go Against the Assumptions

Just because there are statistics and societal assumptions regarding various life situations, does not mean we are doomed to fall into them. It takes an active choice to live life differently from those assumptions. No, it’s not easy, but choosing how to live your own life, despite your circumstances, allows you to break free from societal notions of how you should live your life. It’s a conscious decision to be how you choose to be, rather than how others believe you should be.

Anthony Trucks on Setting the Example

A common theme on the GDP is setting the bar for our kids. Every action we take is imprinted on their very impressionable minds. If we choose to be victims, more than likely, our children will learn those very behaviors. Without making the deliberate choice to live differently, we choose to have outside influences make the choice for us. However, if we learn how to live beyond our circumstances and change our perceived outcome, our children learn to beat the odds as well and develop skills to overcome life’s challenges.

Being Grateful

You’ve heard this a time or two on the GDP as well. While we may not be able to control our circumstances, we can control our response to them. Instead of wondering why bad things happen to us, look at those situations with gratitude. This choice affords us the opportunity to learn to make things better. After all, without those situations, we could not grow into better people.



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