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Michelle Icard – Turning Setbacks into Success

Michelle Icard is the author of the books “Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen” and “Middle School Makeover”. She has a degree in Education and has worked with parents, children, and teachers for more than 20 years, creating curriculum, books, and programs that help them better understand and navigate early adolescence.

In this episode, Larry Hagner interviews Michelle Icard about their family and their experiences in parenting. Michelle shares that she has two adult children and two dogs. The conversation also touches on their long-term marriage and recent celebration at a concert.

Setbacks can lead to success. This is a concept that is explored in the podcast transcript, where the author, Michelle Icard, discusses her book “8 Setbacks That Can Make a Child a Success.” The conversation revolves around the idea that setbacks and failures are not necessarily negative experiences, but rather opportunities for growth and development.

Michelle begins by sharing her own experience of being relationship and commitment phobic before getting married. She explains that she and her husband dated for seven years before tying the knot, which she finds amusing. This sets the stage for the discussion on setbacks and how they can shape individuals and relationships. 

She reveals that she does not have a lot of frustration in her marriage and that it has been mostly easy. She attributes this to the fact that both she and her husband came into the relationship with burdens from their own childhoods and approached their marriage with loyalty and flexibility. They deeply appreciate stability, which they lacked in their upbringing.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Setbacks can lead to success.
  2. Failure is essential for growth. 
  3. Childhood stories shape individuals. 

What You’ll Learn

00:04:23 Long-lasting marriage and successful parenting.

00:09:38 Embrace setbacks for child’s success.

00:10:55. Failure is essential for growth.

00:17:22 Encourage independence in children.

00:25:04 Childhood experiences shape us.

00:28:12 Emotional eating and body image.

00:34:48 Validate and contain your child.

00:37:52 Teach children problem-solving skills.

00:42:47 Experiences with failure build resilience.

00:49:07 Trust can be rebuilt after mistakes.

00:55:19 Letting kids experience setbacks builds resilience.




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