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Your Story is your ANCHOR or your SPRING

Your Story is your Anchor or your SPRING!

A beautiful yacht floating in the water. Just floating, going nowhere, anchored to the ocean floor. The anchor serves a purpose here, keeping the yacht from floating into oblivion, but if it remains anchored in that one spot, no one will enjoy its beauty. This is exactly what happens to us if we allow past “anchors” to keep us from moving forward. These anchors (your story) can be anything that holds us back from achieving our full potential, a past hurt, how we were raised, how we have developed beliefs about our environment, you name it. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. We can, instead, use these past issues to be a spring to propel us to something more positive.

Your Story and not being a Victim

Too often, we allow something that has happened in our past to hold us back. We develop a belief that because of how we were raised or the environment in which we live precludes us from being any better than our circumstances. Truly, though, the only thing holding us back from greatness is our own mindset. If we believe we are no better than our circumstances, then we are right, we will achieve nothing more. On the other hand, if we believe that we are better than our circumstances and make the deliberate changes to our lives in order to achieve what we want, then we have a much better chance of succeeding.

Get Out of Your Own Head

When we live believing  that we cannot get out of our current circumstances and we are doomed to a certain history, we live in a mental prison. It’s not easy to get out of it, but the rewards are much greater when we learn new behaviors. Look at what gifts you have, foster those, nurture them and make a concentrated effort to change negative habits to positive behaviors. Not only will you feel great because you will have realized a better outcome, but those around you will take notice and will be more likely to follow your lead.


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