Five Proven Ways to Raise Confident Kids

Five Proven Ways to Raise Confident Kids Episode Overview:

Show hosts Larry Hagner and Shawn Stevenson provide a down-to-earth approach to Five Proven Ways to Raise Confident Kids. Through personal anecdotes (as well as Shawn’s Mike Tyson rendition of “Hotline Bling”-a true must listen!) and real-world advice, Larry and Shawn give you the steps you need to raise the most confident kids.

Key Takeaways from Five Proven Ways to Raise Confident Kids:

• Discover five ways to help develop confidence in our kids
• Learn how decision making can help kids develop life skills
• Learn to Selflessly Serve Others (SSO)
• Teach confidence by modeling confidence to our kid

  1. Teach kids problem solving skills. Kids learn by example. You are their example. Next time you and your child face a challenge, work together to solve it. This lets your child know you believe in their abilities and boosts their confidence!
  2. Teach kids to serve others. We’re not just talking clearing out their closets and donating to Goodwill; it’s more about elevating others. What skill can you help your child identify that they can use to help those less fortunate?
  3. Don’t rescue your child. Experience helps us learn. Remember when you put your hand on the hot burner as a child? You hopefully learned not to do that again. Letting our kids learn from their own mistakes helps them grow. What better gift can you give them then that of experience? DISCLAIMER: This rule does not apply if your child is in immediate danger; it goes without saying.
  4. Let your kids make decisions. If you ask your kid what the next family car should be and their answer is, “Porsche 911 Turbo”, maybe you need to narrow their options. Once you’ve narrowed them, however, the options empower your child to make decisions and learn that they do have a voice.
  5. Model confidence. In order for our kids to be confident, we need to be confident ourselves. Kids learn from our actions. Show up in a strong, confident way and you will see the change in your own children.

While this episode covers Five Proven Ways to Raise Confident Kids, you will get so much more and be able to take action right away.

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  1. Larry & Shawn,

    I’m extremely humbled that you have read one if my emails and my iTunes review on your past shows. I want to encourage other listeners to leave reviews, if nothing more than this- When I heard my name read to thousands of people, it empowered me to listen MORE to that episode. So in essence, you guys are enhancing the experience of your listeners in ways you may not have even considered

    Now, as a follow up to things you’ve already read about me. I had promised to listen to every GDP podcast. Well, I just finished and have to say that this episode and the Aaron Walker one are the best. Amazing content. Inspiring.

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