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Jeff Pelizzaro on Building Your Life Around What Matters Most

Jeff Pelizzaro, owner of, entrepreneur, and all-around awesome dad, gives his perspective on living your passion, taking risks, and balancing fatherhood.

Jeff Pelizzaro On Making Your Dreams a Reality

Let’s dream for a minute. Wouldn’t it be great if that “crazy” idea for a new business really became a reality? You could do what you really want to do and provide even more for your family. Maybe, just maybe, that idea would grow exponentially and help you realize even bigger dreams. Oh, but you just don’t have the time and that dream really sounds great, but it’s so out there. Is it? Over our last 61 (yes, 61) podcasts, we’ve heard from very successful men about becoming your best self and achieving your greatest potential as an individual and a father. Jeff Pelizzaro is no different: he’s taken his “day job” and turned it into a focused, value-added revenue stream by targeting a very specific niche audience-golfers.

Jeff Pelizzaro on Taking the Leap and Pursuing His Passion

Jeff Pelizzaro’s podcast and business, 18 Strong, helps golfers at all levels achieve their greatest game on and off the course. Through nutrition and physical training, Jeff shows golfers how to tweak their nutrition and fitness to fit their particular needs. Sounds like a dream job, right? It wasn’t always birdies and double eagles, though. Jeff Pelizzaro started as a physical therapist, working long hours and eventually becoming burned-out; he had the opportunity to change his entire focus to, well, golf. In doing so, however, it meant a big change and a risk for his family. After all, changing from serving a variety of clients to an incredibly niche-based business is risky. In the end, he made the leap and now helps golfers from amateurs to pros perfect their game.

Sacrificing Money to Enjoy What Money Can’t Buy

It wasn’t overnight, though. As always, these great ideas take sacrifice and identifying a balance between home life and work life. Jeff has days, he says, when he’s playing with his kids and a thought about a client crosses his mind. He says it’s definitely not easy, but he’s able to refocus and make sure he is present with his family when he spends time with them. With the help of his wife, Jeff is able to balance the time he needs for his unique business with the time he wants to spend with his family.


Back to your dream. Maybe you have a great idea for the current business you’re in or maybe it’s something new all together. Whatever it is, though, if you want to do it and it adds value for others, give it a shot. Sure, taking a risk can have its scary moments, but not taking that risk can mean regret.



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