Intentions Are Not Enough

Intentions…What we “intend” to do does not always come to fruition.

Intentions and the Old Saying

What’s the phrase? “The road to (fill in the blank; we are family friendly after all), is paved with good intentions.” Maybe that’s taking it a bit too far, but sometimes our intentions are shadowed by actions that speak against what we are trying to accomplish.


Remain Focused

The key to ensuring your intentions are reflected by your actions is to stay focused on the desired outcome. It’s just like setting a goal, if you don’t have a realistic road map to get there, you may not achieve your goal. The same with your intentions. If you don’t have a plan when life gets in the way of acting on your intentions, then you may get sidetracked. That’s ok. You’re only human. Just get back on the original path and try again.


Be Honest

When you do find yourself straying from your intentions, be honest with yourself and others. Don’t make excuses for why you got off track, just own up to the fact, apologize where and when necessary (yes, even to yourself) and move forward. Remember that it is not the mistakes we are remembered by, but the way we respond to the mistake.


Be Intentional

Be intentional about your intentions. If you really intend to be a strong role model for your kids, then be that. However, make sure you define what that looks like so you have less chance of veering off course or not meeting expectations. Those around you will take notice and you will find you don’t have to vocalize your intentions when they become your habits.



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