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Alter Egos Are Tools for Mental Toughness with Todd Herman

Todd Herman

Todd Herman is a high-performance coach and is the best-selling author of the book The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life. Over the past 20 years, Todd has worked with celebrities and professional athletes, of whom the majority of his clients are kept secret. In his book, Todd teaches us how alter egos work, how we create them in different aspects of our lives, and how to activate them to help us become the most effective businessmen, the most intentional husbands, and the most patient and present fathers. Alter egos help us find the real version of what we are capable of. This is due to the fact that you no longer care about people judging you for who you are. One thing Todd mentions is that there’s only one person keeping you from your full potential and that’s YOU

According to Todd, the way to bypass fear, doubt, and limiting beliefs is through creating heroic alter egos. Todd’s biggest aspect of coaching is mental toughness. He tells us the true definition of mental toughness which is, “Mental toughness is your ability to be flexible and adaptable despite what your circumstances are giving you right now.”

What You’ll Learn: 


Todd talks about his family. 


Todd dives into how he got into his current career and what inspired him to write his book. 


Todd talks about people who are constantly bullying themselves. 


Todd talks about breakthroughs in our mindset. 


Todd talks about how men can bring that intensity from the workplace into their home lives. 


Todd talks about how men can flip a switch to turn on their alter ego. 


Todd talks about totems and how they can alter our mental state. 


Todd gives us the definition of mental toughness. 


Todd talks about the success of his book and future projects. 


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The Alter Ego Effect with Todd Herman

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Todd Herman






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