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How We Get Through the Realness and Rawness of Fatherhood with Troy Mangum

Troy Mangum

Troy Mangum is a husband, father, and author of the book Fatherhood Faceplants. Troy uses his life experiences to write applicable tactics for men to pick themselves back up again after failing. Something that Troy really emphasizes is that men don’t always have to get everything right. They may be crushing it in their early years, but as time goes on, it’s perfectly normal to be wrong at times. Fatherhood Faceplants emphasizes this idea of imperfection and teaches us how to recover versus always striving for perfection.

Fatherhood Faceplants is a story of redemption and restoration. The book shows us that nothing is impossible with God. Fatherhood Faceplants highlights several topics such as overcoming dad guilt, how to live free, and how to love your kids by loving your wife first. Furthermore, it is important to equip your children for spiritual warfare, especially in today’s times. In order to become a better father, you should prioritize your family’s success over your personal success and pass on personal victories as your children’s inheritance. You can lead your family into their greatest days; you just need to know how. Fathers pass down who they are more than what they know.

Today’s podcast touches on the subject of: Fearful dads raise anxious kids; bold dads raise bold kids. You may not be a superdad yet but don’t be discouraged. There’s always hope. Whatever you’re going through, it’ll end pretty quickly if you put in the work.

What You’ll Learn: 


Troy dives into his childhood and what it was like.


Troy talks about the most joyful aspect of being a father.


Troy gives advice to men who have faceplanted and are too ashamed to get back up.


Troy talks about his faceplants in fatherhood and marriage.


Troy talks about the story of his redemption in his relationship with his wife.


Troy talks about how his separation from his wife affected his relationship with his kids.


Troy tells us that he focused on who he wanted to become with the help of Scripture.


Troy talks about the Scripture associated with becoming the man you want to be.


Troy talks about what his hope is for his book.


Troy talks about his podcast.


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Troy Mangum



Father Faceplants

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