5 Practices to Make You a Mentally Tougher Man with Dominick Quartuccio

5 Practices to Make You a Mentally Tougher Man with Dominick Quartuccio

The only thing we can count on in life is change, and that means having the mental toughness for life’s challenges. We don’t want to spend our entire lives reacting out of fear and frustration. We want to know that no matter what happens, we can handle anything.

Dominick Quartuccio returns to The Dad Edge. He is a speaker, coach, and the author of Design Your Future: 3 Simple Steps to Stop Drifting and Take Command of Your Life. He is going to share 5 practices to make you a mentally tougher man so you can train your body and mind to operate from a place of power, presence, and resourcefulness.

Get ready to work out your mental toughness muscles!

Dominick Quartuccio

Dominick Quartuccio is a keynote speaker, trainer and executive mentor. He’s dedicated his life to helping the best-of-the-best accelerate individual and team performance. He’s the author of Design Your Future: Stop Drifting and Start Living.

Drawing upon 15 years of experience as an executive for Fortune 100 financial services firms, Dominick saw the demands on leaders go up every year, forcing those leaders to sacrifice the most important areas of their lives: personal health, personal relationships and personal freedoms.

That model is broken. The consequences to leaders, their families and their businesses are unsustainable.

Dominick offers a new way. He works with high performance individuals, teams and businesses (small and large) to accelerate them to the next-level by aligning the most important areas of work and life. Dominick is a student of life, constantly disrupting himself in pursuit of raising performance and living a definiteness of purpose.

What You’ll Learn

  • Most men wildly overestimate their mental toughness.
  • Men think they are handling a situation, but they are collapsing in some way.
  • When men are triggered by a stressful situation, they divert their emotions with porn, fantasy, food, drugs, alcohol, isolation, avoidance, and overworking. Either that, or they shoulder everything and let it kill them in the process.
  • Dom’s addiction to sex and porn lead him to cheating on the only woman he ever loved.
  • By building mental and emotional capacity, the breadth of what you can endure increases and their are few situations you cannot handle from a place of power, presence, and resourcefulness.
  • How to be disciplined about how much pornography you consume
  • 5 Practices to Make You a Mentally Tougher Man
    1. The Breath Hold Challenge – Hold your breath as long as you can. Wait till you start to feel your fight or flight response to kick in. Try to assume a place of stillness despite your chaotic thoughts.
    2. The Cold Shower Challenge – Most of us can’t anticipate or get past the initial shock of an uncomfortable situation. Train yourself to brace for the blast with a cold shower. Breathe into it and wait for the shock to pass.
    3. The 100 Push Up Challenge – Try to do 100 consecutive push ups with your only relief being able to take a break in plank before continuing. This changes your relationship with pain, allowing you to look at it and disassociate from it.
    4. The Meditation Challenge – This long form stillness builds your endurance for pain. Sit and meditate without moving. Watch your feelings without judgement.
    5. Temporary Abstinence – What are the things you crave? What habits do you lean on to get through the day? Junk food, porn, Netflix, alcohol? Removing the crutch quickly illuminates why it was there in the first place. Then you can work on the source of the craving and reintroduce these elements in a healthier way.


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