Morris Brown – Adventuring with Your Girls

Morris Brown is a director, composer, graphic designer, technical trainer, instructional designer, accomplished artist, revered UCLA educator, and author of the “Hang’n with the Girl’s” book series.

Today, Morris Brown shares his journey from being a college football star to becoming a prolific writer and a loving “girl dad.” He discusses the profound influence his father had on him, teaching him the importance of kindness and resilience in the face of adversity. Morris’s calm demeanor and thoughtful approach to life are evident as he recounts his experiences and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

Morris talks about his unique approach to parenting, which includes writing 21 books inspired by his adventures with his daughters. He explains how the COVID-19 pandemic provided him the opportunity to finally put pen to paper and document the cherished moments he shared with his girls. His books, which started as an 800-page manuscript, were eventually divided into 11 smaller, more manageable volumes, with 10 more in the works. These stories not only serve as a gift to his daughters but also as an inspiration to other parents.

The conversation also delves into Morris Brown’s diverse background, including his time as a college professor, a television director, and a composer. He shares anecdotes from his life, such as his near-miss with an NFL career and his unexpected friendship with a homeless man who attacked his car. Throughout the episode, Morris emphasizes the importance of being present and engaged with his children, advocating for a balanced approach to handling life’s stresses while maintaining a loving and supportive family environment.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Be kind to everyone for harmony.
  2. Engage actively in children’s playtime.
  3. Balance stress with positive family moments.

What You’ll Learn

00:00:00 – Introduction and Early Life

00:00:41 – Lessons from Morris Senior

00:01:52 – Mo in the Morning: College Radio Show

00:02:38 – Becoming an Author: Writing During COVID

00:05:09 – Inspiration Behind Writing Books

00:08:27 – Balancing Stress and Family Life

00:10:14 – Challenges Men Face in Disconnecting from Work Stress

00:12:06 – Career Journey: From Football to Hollywood

00:17:05 – Transition to Corporate America

00:18:05 – Raising Strong, Confident Daughters

00:24:37 – Playing and Bonding with Kids

00:29:42 – Unexpected Adventures: Homeless Encounter


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