The Rundown on Our Mastermind Groups for Dads
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The Rundown on Our Mastermind Groups for Dads

A lot of listeners ask about our mastermind group. What is it? A secret society? What do we do in there? And what do men get out of it?

Today I have Jeff Bouwman and Jason MacKenzie who are facilitators of our Epic Experience Mastermind group and The Dad Edge Alliance to talk about how our mastermind groups work, the systems and structures we use, and what topics we focus on.

We’ve also brought on two participants Andy and Zac to talk about their apprehensions at first, what they’ve gotten out of their experience, and what they think of it now.

If you’ve been curious about how a mastermind group can take your life up to the next level, you do not want to miss this episode!

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Jeff Bouwman

Jeff Bouwman is a CPA. financial advisor, a husband and a dad to three little girls. He is the author of Your Income, Your Life and believes that the only way you can take control over your financial future, is to accept responsibility for it.

Jason MacKenzie

Jason MacKenzie is an expert on peak human performance. He’s a father, speaker, author and coach, and the author of The Dadly Book of Open. He teaches audiences around the world how cultivating vulnerability will liberate the strength, wisdom and courage we already possess.

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What You’ll Learn

  • How it all began… Why Larry Hagner started The Dad Edge
  • The mistake that we invest time and money into college but rarely on learning how to manage relationships, money, and health
  • What prevents us from asking for help in these areas
  • What’s it’s like to have your own band of brothers, a trusted board of advisors where you have accountability without judgement
  • What Epic Experience Mastermind Group and The Dad Edge Alliance participants have accomplished using the tools they’ve acquired
  • How some members have paid off thousands of dollars of debt
  • How other members have lost tremendous amounts of weight
  • How members have drastically improved their communication, intimacy, and sex lives with their wives
  • How a mastermind group can help you develop your passion
  • Why mastermind groups are more effective than one-on-one coaching
  • What it’s like to get the feedback and perspective of multiple men
  • How facilitators Jeff and Jason manage group topics, discussions, and goals
  • What made participants Andy and Zac hesitant about signing up at first (money, fear, intimidation)
  • How Andy and Zac feel about investing in themselves by joining the mastermind groups now
  • How being in the mastermind group will show you:
    • how to unleash your greatest strengths
    • how to create and reach the wildly important goals in your life
    • exercises on emotional mastery, fitness, finance, and lifestyle
    • how to change harmful behavior patterns
    • how to discover what’s NOT working in your life.
    • The 4 Disciplines of Execution
  • What huge changes can happen overnight
  • Why investing in yourself is the most important thing you can do and you should do it now!

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