Sex and Intimacy Through a Christian Lens w/Sheila Gregoire

Today we are talking about sex, and intimacy, passion, connection, communication, but mostly sex.

Today we are talking with Sheila Gregoire and she is an amazing speaker, author and brings a Christian vibe to the sex conversation. 

I know that you will get a lot from this show. We talk about increasing the quality. I would sacrifice mediocre daily sex with amazing sex once a week and that’s one thing we talk about today. . 

Sheila is a Christian and has a different perspective when we talk about sex and creating intimacy. 

What You’ll Learn

4:05 Interview starts

4:36 A different view on sex

Sheila Gregoire talks about why we have missed the real plot of sex. She describes the importance of connecting and it has not become transactional. For most people, sex has become a duty instead of an opportunity for connection.

8:01 Conversations about Sex

Sheila talks about how the conversations about sex have tainted our intimacy and as men and women, we have different definitions about sex, because it leaves the women’s experience outside of the equation.

9:51 The Orgasm Gap

Sheila Gregoire talks about this gap and explains a number: 47. She dives deeper into explaining this number. 95% of men report that they almos always or always reached orgasms in a given sexual encounter compared to just over 48% of women. That is a 47 point orgasm gap!

16:27 The Definition of Sex

Sheila Gregoire talks about the real definition for sex and it’s as follows:
something which should be mutual, intimate and it should be pleasurable for both.

we need to look at this as, as an all encompassing experience that you’re enjoying together. And instead, what we do is we tend to define sex as intercourse.

Sheila Gregoire’s Links

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