4 Simple Steps to Getting What You Want with Jake Herbert

4 Simple Steps to Getting What You Want with Jake Herbert

Jake Herbert is back on the show! He was an Olympic Wrestler whose life’s dream was to win the gold medal in the 2016 Olympics. My boys and I were there to see the trials. Sadly, his Olympic dream didn’t come true.

It was a crushing blow, but now Jake’s smiling. He’s got a baby on the way, a new career, and a mission to leave every room better than he found it. He talks about how he reinvented himself after the disappointment of a lifetime, and he shares his 4 ridiculously simple steps to getting what you want in life.

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Jake’s story

Jake began listening to The Dad Edge podcast (The Good Dad Project at that time) when he became the father of a child from a previous marriage. He listened to a backlog of episodes and started his journey to becoming a better father. He decided to reach out to say thank you for the help and eventually came on the show to talk about How to Develop a Gold Medal Mindset.

Now Jake Herbert is a real estate coach who helps people see their maximum potential and creates a path to lead them there.

[bctt tweet=”‘When you lose and don’t get something you worked so hard for, it rips your heart out. And that’s beautiful.’ – @Jakeherbert84 #failure #olympics #sports #wrestling #selfimprovement #personaldevelopment” username=”gooddadprojct”]

What You’ll Learn

  • How he coped after not getting a chance at his life dream, to win a gold medal
  • When he knew it was time to move on from his wrestling career
  • How he found a new path in life
  • The effectiveness of simplicity
  • His 4 simple steps to getting what you want
    • Identifying specifically what you want
    • Defining why you want it
    • Outlining 4 action items you will do this week to bring you closer to what you want
    • Scheduling exactly when you will take these action
  • The story of his famous mullet
  • The story of Buster Douglas’s fight against Mike Tyson and why it inspires him
  • How to intertwine your ‘how’ and your ‘why’
  • The domino effect of achieving small goals every week
  • Why you need to set your goals with somebody else
  • Why you have to take time to celebrate when you reach goals
  • Why your kids make great accountability partners
  • How people are motivated more by loss than by gain
  • The 3 Literacy’s that ensure success in life
    • Reading literacy
    • Physical literacy
    • Financial literacy
  • What Jake does when he gets overwhelmed

[bctt tweet=”‘Be a little bit better than you were yesterday. In time, you’ll be exactly where you should be and where you want.’ – @Jakeherbert84 #motivation #goals #success #happiness #inspiration” username=”gooddadprojct”]

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