Michael McQueen talks about persudaing stubborn minds with Larry Hagner on The Dad Edge Podcast.

Michael McQueen – How to Persuade Stubborn Minds

Michael McQueen is a multi-award winning speaker, change strategist, and bestselling author of 10 books who has helped top brands like Google, Toyota, and Mastercard navigate uncertainty. A regular commentator on TV and radio, he has spoken to over 500,000 people across 5 continents and shared the stage with figures like Bill Gates, Mel Robbins, and Steve Wozniak, earning induction into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame.

Today, Michael McQueen and Larry Hagner discuss the concept of being “mindstuck” and how it affects our ability to change our minds easily. They explore the importance of building trust and creating a safe environment for effective persuasion, especially when dealing with children and teenagers. Michael also shares valuable insights on how to approach conversations with kids, emphasizing the power of aspiration, authenticity, and vulnerability in guiding their behavior.

The conversation delves into the significance of asking open-ended questions and avoiding confrontational language, such as starting questions with “why.” Michael then highlights the impact of encouragement and storytelling in influencing children’s decisions and behaviors. He emphasizes the value of being open-minded as a parent, acknowledging when children offer new perspectives and being willing to learn from them.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Start conversations with aspiration and authenticity.
  2. Use questions to prompt reflection and understanding.
  3. Be open-minded and willing to learn from kids.

What You’ll Learn

00:02:14 – Pre-Digital Memory and Parenting Challenges

00:04:41 – Book Recommendation: Impact of Devices on Kids

00:05:44 – Advice Before Becoming a Dad

00:08:48 – Sibling Dynamics and Family Background

00:11:06 – Marriage and Personal Growth

00:12:27 – Introduction to the Book “Mindstuck”

00:14:14 – Reactions to Different Ideas and Perspectives

00:15:04 – Signs of Being Mindstuck

00:20:20 – Creating Safety and Trust in Conversations

00:21:20 – Building Trust: Oxytocin and Authenticity

00:24:20 – Self-Deprecation and Vulnerability

00:26:04 – Psychological Safety in Parenting

00:28:33 – Calling Out Positive Traits in Children

00:30:26 – Examples of Positive Reinforcement

00:36:39 – Avoiding “Why” Questions





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