10 Life Lessons To Raise Superhumans

Raise Superhumans!  Life is challenging, life is crazy, so teach super powers along the way.

Habits are formed early in life. We tend to respond to life in the way we were raised. If we want our kids to react positively even in the face of adversity, we must model these behaviors. Preparing your kids for life with these ten tips just might help you demonstrate these key skills.

Raise Superhumans #1:  Care for Your Surroundings

Clothes on the floor, unmade beds, toothpaste in the sink. Small stuff, but these little unkempt habits can wreak havoc in a relationship. Not only that, you want your kids to have a sense of pride in their belongings and surroundings and to emulate that, to others. Teaching them this skill early on will give them a clean,routine while demonstrating a sense of self respect.

Raise Superhumans #2: Peer Pressure

Peer pressure knows no age. We can fall into it as adults. Don’t let your kids see you compromise your principles just to have it turn around and lecture them on standing up for themselves. Practicing what you preach here will save your child, and yourself, a great amount of heartache.

Raise Superhumans #3:  How to Make Money

Money does not have to be a scarcity. As a matter of fact, if you put your head to it, you can make money rather easily. Teaching kids that, making money, is a matter of drive and determination as well as resourcefulness, gives them a sense of security and self-empowerment.

Raise Superhumans #4:  Mananging Money

Once your kids have money, their relationship with money can be another obstacle. Our relationship with money correlates to how much we save and spend. Teaching your kids to be temperate with money and learning to set it aside for what they want is rewarding as well as smart, as it staves off anxiety over having enough for life’s emergencies and wants.

Raise Superhumans #5:  Create a Plan

Ask your kids what they want to be when they grow up and they will likely look at you with gleaming eyes full of excitement. But, without a strategic plan, that excitement will fade as the dream fails to come to fruition. Teaching your child to develop a plan for what they want supports their dreams and gives them hope for the future. Even if their plans fail, they will no doubt have learned from the journey.

Raise Superhumans #6:  Teach Them How to Persevere

Don’t quit. A common mantra, but at times, it does not come into practice when times get tough. Showing your kids how to get through times even when they seem impossible gives them a strength that will prepare them for other challenges they will face.

Raise Superhumans #7:  How to Cook

Enough said. Your kids need to know how to prepare healthy food for themselves and eventually their own families. This will set them up for a healthy future.

Raise Superhumans #8:  Focus on Solutions, Not Problems

Teaching kids to get out of their own heads provides them a basis for a positive mindset. Teach them how to ask questions that lead to an unbeatable mind. Show them how to create a power statement for the times they start to spiral into negativity.

Raise Superhumans #9:  How to Communicate

This skill is a non-negotiable. Kids need to understand that their words affect their environment and that of others. Helping kids harness their own unique communication skills and teaching them the power of their words will open doors for them for a lifetime

Raise Superhumans #10:  Teach Kids to Take Care of Themselves

Our physical and mental well-being is interlocked. Taking care of our body creates a more positive mindset and puts us in a better position to take care of everything else. Include your kids in your workouts and demonstrate how important health is to their overall well being.

These are not the only aspects of life to teach your kids, but these provide a strong basis for a happy life. The idea is to work towards mastery along the beautiful journey of a life.


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