Balance for Working Dads is Attainable

Balance is and having the right mentality is critical to our success as fathers.

This past week we interviewed Jeff Pelizzaro, founder of  I wanted to highlight some of the pearls that came from his interview because there was a lot!  Ultimately, its about pursuing our passions while having the right mindset, focus, and boundaries.

Do What You Love!

Jeff took a leap of faith leaving his job of being a physical therapist to pursue something he was extremely passionate about.  Jeff had it all from a “societal success standpoint.”  He had: a good job, he had benefits, he had a 401K, he had “security.” .

However, Jeff was sacrificing something that was most important to him…his purpose.  Jeff felt an intuitional pull to do something he loved and to help people along the way.  He has a passion for: fitness, the game of golf, and helping people.  He has now developed an online business, has a successful podcast, and is now a published author!  Not to mention he is doing all these things while creating ultimate balance in his life.  None of this would have happened if he didn’t listen to his intuition and take a leap of faith.  At some point, every successful person took a leap of faith and decided to pursue their true passion.  Guess what…so can you

Balance Means There is More to Life than just the Dollars

Jeff gave several examples of how he creates a healthy balance of boundaries between work and family time.  For example, even though Jeff would make a ton of money working with clients on the weekend, he refuses to do it.  He even mentioned that Saturdays and Sundays are lucrative days in his field.  However, he knows the importance of enjoying his time with family because he knows these years are only here for a short time.

You Can Do What You Love and Still Be an Amazing Dad

It is terrifying making the decision to leave a secure job and pursue a dream.  The pressure is on us as fathers to provide and take financial care of our families.  When we can’t to that, it can be one of the most de-masculating things in our lives.  However, when you take a leap of faith and pursue your dream job, you might be shocked what the universe will deliver.  I’m not saying take a leap without a plan.  Be smart about it.  Write out a plan.  Put some savings aside for the rough times.  Figure out the monthly income your family needs to survive.  Then…when you are ready…LEAP.  Go do your dream.  Chase it with fury.  Most importantly, being a happier more fulfilled you will allow you to be a better dad!  BOOM!!  There you have it!  Go get it!



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