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Sergio Nazzaro – How to Have It All in Your Marriage, Your Family, and Your Business

Sergio Nazzaro is a licensed real estate broker at 8z Real Estate, and is also the visionary founder and host of Become The Standard—a multifaceted coaching program and podcast dedicated to honing one’s career, relationships, and fitness.

In this episode of The Dad Edge Podcast, Larry Hagner talks with Sergio Nazzaro to unpack the dynamics of achieving balance in marriage, family, and business. Drawing from his military background, Sergio Nazzaro offers poignant reflections on the emotional weight of parting with loved ones pre-deployment and the disorienting feeling of returning to a world that has seemingly left them behind.

With a keen eye on the interplay of personal narratives and finances, Sergio Nazzaro opens up about his modest beginnings and how financial ascendancy has armed him with the means to give back and sustain his family. Beyond mere financial success, he underscores the transformative power of seeking fulfillment over sheer monetary rewards.

Diving deep into the heart of personal evolution, this episode unveils the significance of confronting one’s internal battles. Both Sergio and Larry spotlight the fears and hesitations that often deter men from the journey of self-improvement, illustrating through their own stories how overcoming these hurdles paves the way for profound personal victories.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Push through challenging moments.
  2. Use money to create opportunities.
  3. Set boundaries, practice effective conflict resolution.

What You’ll Learn

00:03:38 Impact of parents breaking down, psychological safety.

00:08:54 Overcoming scarcity mindset, drive, and motivation.

00:16:40 Identity crisis, doubt, uncertainty, and post-traumatic stress.

00:19:39 Attack on American Consulate, 13-hour battle. Transition from military to family life.

00:29:29 Power in darkness helps me lead others.

00:32:46 Clients in dark place, facing resistance, needing support.

00:38:13 Discovering passion, facing PTSD, seeking long-term fulfillment.

00:44:41 Couple had rough go, called off wedding. But worked on themselves and now thriving.

00:51:28 Guardrails for conflict resolution in front of kids.

00:57:42 Business mentor shapes life, brings opportunities, wealth.

00:59:29 Money’s impact on happiness and fulfillment.



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