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How to Be More Intentional and Present as a Husband and Father with Matt Wells

Matt Wells

Matt Wells is a husband, father, Business Technology Specialist, and creator of the video series Basic Dad Stuff. Matt Wells is currently enrolled in the Mastermind program at the Dad Edge, and is applying those principles to his life today with his video series Basic Dad Stuff. He coined the term from the creator of Basic Dude Stuff, and turned the series into short clips that talk about basic things that dads deal with every day. Through his humor and wit, Matt paints a picture of how fatherhood is meant to be humorous and fun, not a chore. Matt claims his two passions are being a father and helping other men be present and devoted dads.

As fathers, it’s important that we are intentional and present with our children, especially as they grow into adults. When you make the time to be a part of their lives and interests, you connect with them and build your relationship with them. Being present even in times of busyness is crucial to developing that bond with your child, so they can feel comfortable coming to you with anything. However, making time for your wife is just as important as making time for your kids. It’s easy to go all in with your kids, but sometimes, you fall back on your sword and your marriage suffers as a result. Having a strong marriage is the foundation to raising a strong family. Being a legendary father is all about balancing these relationships and making sure you’re giving it your all in each one. It’s definitely not the easy route, but it’s necessary on the path to living legendary.

What You’ll Learn: 


Matt talks about his videos and the inspiration behind them.


Matt talks about the funniest things he has said aloud to his children that he never thought he’d say.


Matt talks about the best lessons he’s learned in his 13 years of marriage.


Matt talks about how he keeps the spark alive in his marriage.


Matt talks about how Basic Dad Stuff came to be.


Matt talks about what it means to be a sheepdog.


Matt talks about his hope for Basic Dad Stuff in the future.


Matt talks about what he will be celebrating from his life when he’s on his deathbed.


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Matt Wells




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