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Dennis LeMire – Refusing to Wing Fatherhood

Dennis LeMire is the Manager of FloSports and host of the Man2Man Podcast, a show that aims to inspire and coach men to pursue Christ and become the best versions of themselves so they can make a positive impact on their marriages, friendships, workplaces, churches, and communities. During his recent conversation with Larry, Dennis candidly discussed his experiences as a father to two sons.

He openly talked about the struggles he faced as a father and how he tried to stay “half a step ahead” to offer his sons his wisdom and advice. This phrase is commonly used by fathers who are raising teenagers, and it emphasizes the importance of being proactive in guiding and supporting their children.

Dennis emphasized the significance of staying engaged with one’s teenage children and listening to their thoughts and opinions. He further recommended that fathers should be open to learning new things and asking questions to stay current with their children’s lives. This approach would enable them to offer the best possible advice to their children.

Furthermore, Dennis emphasized that being a father requires setting an example and teaching children the values that they need to be successful in life. These values include confidence, social skills, and love. By instilling these values in their children, fathers can ensure that their children possess the necessary skills to succeed in life.

By staying ahead of their teenage children, staying engaged, and teaching them the right values, fathers can play an essential role in shaping their children’s lives and ensuring their success.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Be a guide, not a disciplinarian.
  2. Seek help to do things right.
  3. Take action before it’s too late.

What You’ll Learn

00:04:57 Stay half a step ahead.

00:09:53 Start planning early.

00:11:19 Understand, guide, and ask questions.

00:17:39 Learn from mistakes.

00:24:43 Reflect internally for change.

00:29:03 Wing it in life.

00:31:03 Seek help to improve yourself.

00:35:29 Check Ego and Refine Self.

00:40:34 Intentionality leads to growth.

00:45:27 Be intentional with purpose.

00:50:07 Intentionally plan for success.

00:58:06 Seek community for success.

01:02:06 Take action before it’s too late.

01:09:53 Teach to master learning.

01:10:17 Discover your strengths.

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