Wake Up Warrior with Garrett J White

Wake Up Warrior with Garrett J. White

Brace yourself. This show is going to be like a punch in the face, but it’s a punch in the face that we men need.

We are born warriors with big dreams for our lives, but many of us are getting beat down and overwhelmed. We suffer silently and alone, with no idea how or if we can break out to become the man we want to be.

In this explicit episode, I talk to Garrett J. White. He is the founder of Wake Up Warrior and Warrior Week. He is also the author of the Warrior Book.

With his stripped-down, brutal delivery, Garrett tells us how to get past the lies we tell ourselves to break free from the person we used to be so that we can get out of our own way and finally step into our own greatness.

This is by far the most intense interview we’ve had on The Dad Edge podcast!

[bctt tweet=”‘You want a better life? A better marriage? You want a bigger life for you as a father? You’re going to have to literally f*ckin’ let go of who you believe you are right now.’ – Garrett J. White #men #manhood #masculinity #dreams #goals #warriorsway” username=”gooddadprojct”]

What You’ll Learn

  • How Garrett was resigned to the fact he’d miserable in his sexless marraige for the rest of his life
  • Why he was terrified of sex as a child
  • The Baby Rhino  – why you need to kill certain aspects of your life or let them die
  • The question that changed him from employee to entrepreneur
  • That many men know they’re unhappy, but they don’t know who to talk to and are not clear on what would make them happy
  • The silent epidemic of miserable men and the recent suicide of his friend
  • How Garrett got past the rage and realized he was a liar, especially to himself
  • What the first step to reaching the truth about yourself
  • How our culture has taught young men not to feel
  • How pain unites men
  • How and why he cheated on his wife
  • About the porn issue for men
  • How having more sex made Garrett realize that sex wasn’t the problem
  • How he used alcohol to extinguish his sex drive
  • How to have a conversation with your woman about sex
  • What finally helped him and his wife save their sex life
  • How a miscarriage actually helped his marriage
  • How he tracked and gamified his life
  • Why he built the warior process to set him free
  • About his 30-day Warrior Week Experience, plus 5-day immersion
  • The Warrior’s Way – In order for a man to live he had to stop lying. The only way to stop lying is to tell the truth to himself and to tell the truth to a small group of other men he trusts.

[bctt tweet=”‘Burn it all to the ground and start from the truth.’ – Garrett J. White #men #dads #fathers #marriage #manhood #warriors” username=”gooddadprojct”]


Magnesium Matters.

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One Comment

  1. Love to chat to Garrett about what belongs beyond the mind.
    Why does the mind do what it does – until we decide to change the way it unfolds on a daily basis.

    Whatever other topics about being RAW to find the REALNESS in life

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