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Great Leaders Communicate and Great Communicators Lead with Scott McCarthy

Scott McCarthy

Scott McCarthy has been in the military for over 20 years, is a leadership expert, and is the founder of Moving Forward Leadership. His leadership journey started when he was young and had the drive to take control of everything that he needed to be planned. Transferring these skills into the Canadian Army, Scott enrolled as a Logistics Officer in 2001 when he was selected to attend the prestigious Royal Military College of Canada. At the age of 24, Scott commanded an Army transport platoon comp comprising of 80 soldiers. At 33, he was selected to command a Logistics squadron of 200 members. As you can see, Scott knows how to compete as a high-performing leader and knows that leadership is a cycle. He understands how to build high-performing powerful teams, how to delegate as a leader to be a force multiplier, and is proficient in setting goals for high-achieving leaders.

Today’s show is about the simplicity of leadership and communication within marriage. We need to be clear about things that we want as men and husbands while also being servant leaders to our wives and what they need, want, and desire. A lot of men live in two camps when it comes to communication. We either throw ourselves on the sword for the sake of our wives and family, while feeling empty. We end up neglecting ourselves in a noble, selfless way without realizing it. On the other hand, we are extremely selfish and only think about ourselves. The goal of today’s show is to explain the common ground between both of those camps where we support our families while also communicating what our needs are as a husband and father.

What You’ll Learn: 


Scott talks about his background and all the leadership qualities he’s learned throughout his journey.


Scott talks about a period in his life where he and his wife were in a long-distance relationship.


Scott talks about the things he and his wife did to make their long-distance relationship work.


Scott talks about the practices he and his wife learned from their long-distance relationship that they continue to do today.


Scott talks about how we can communicate our wants and desires to our wives even if we think they won’t accept them.


Scott talks about how alignment with his wife shows up in other areas of their relationship.


Scott talks about what style of communication he and his wife use for sexual desires.


Scott tells us leadership skills he uses at home with his wife and kids.


Scott talks about how he specifically leads young men (his sons).


Scott talks about what he’s doing in his business and his resources.


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Scott McCarthy






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