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Debrief to Win with former Top Gun Instructor Robert “Cujo” Teschner

Who knows how to rapidly assess, respond, and adapt under extreme pressure better than a Top Gun fighter pilot? Today we are super-psyched to have Top Gun instructor Robert “Cujo” Teschner on the show! He’s releasing his book called Debrief to Win: How High-Performing Leaders Practice Accountable Leadership. He is also a husband, a father of five children, and a cancer survivor.

You don’t get to Cujo’s level without doing the work and prepping yourself to win at all costs. He reveals that even though his military career was taking off, he was failing in other dimensions of his life. One day he realized that if he applied his elite training to his health and family, he would dominate across the board.

Listen to his Debrief to Win system to set yourself up for a successful mission no matter what the dogfight of life throws at you.

Robert “Cujo” Teschner

Robert “Cujo” Teschner is a retired, multiple award-winning United States Air Force fighter pilot. He was the 125th F-15C Instructor at the Air Force Weapons School – the Air Force “TOP GUN” Program. He commanded the 7th Fighter Squadron “Screamin’ Demons,” one of America’s only front-line operational F-22 squadrons. He won multiple awards for flying excellence and was promoted to the rank of full-Colonel. He has multiple advanced degrees and also spent his entire career leading high-performance teams to success. This earned him the callsign “Cujo,” the warrior that flew combat missions over the skies of Iraq.

He’s proud to be a dad and believes his number one job is to raise his kids.

“I don’t lose. That’s my culture. We’re going to be facing adversity every day. It’s not a question of if it’s going to happen, it’s how you’re going to react to it.”—Robert “Cujo” Teschner

What You’ll Learn

  • How he got his call sign “Cujo”
  • How F15 pilots keep their call signs for the rest of their lives
  • How realistic the Top Gun movie is
  • What we all want to know—was that inverted flight move in Top Gun possible?
  • What it’s like going 2,000 miles an hour and experiencing 9 times the force of gravity
  • What is G-induced loss of consciousness and how pilots train to prevent it
  • The Top Gun training and selection process
  • How he went from pilot to instructor
  • The secrets behind successful teams
  • Why he began to apply his training to his family life
  • How children crave to be led by their fathers
  • The importance of getting kids to recognize that they are better as a team than individuals
  • Cujo’s system:
    • Mission planning
    • Communicate this plan to the team (family)
    • Defining the successful completion of that mission
    • Debriefing to look for ways to improve
  • Cujo’s basic standard operating procedure for clean rooms
  • Should parents motivate by offering rewards or delivering consequences
  • How he has used his Top Gun training to improve his marriage
  • The importance of carving time out each day to reflect
  • Learning for empowerment
  • Using a day to analyze the State of the Union of the family
  • His diagnosis of colorectal cancer
  • Why his cancer was totally avoidable but he chose to ignore it, allowing a solvable problem to become a life-changing issue
  • His advice to men to be aware of if they’re feeling sorry for themselves and if they should be asking themselves better questions
  • How to stop wasting time, energy, and money on the the wrong things by finding your “big why” and your “micro whys”
  • How to practice the mental exercise of preparing for all outcomes
  • Why hoping for the best but preparing for the worst allows you to keep the cool, composed attitude of a Top Gun pilot


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