Side Hustle in Real Estate
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4 Key Elements to a Side Hustle in Real Estate with Billy Keels

What if you didn’t have to do the 9-to-5 thing any longer? What would your life be like if you were the owner of your time? What would it be like to be with your wife and kids as much as you wanted?

As fathers, we’re always looking for ways we can provide a better lifestyle for our families. Today, author and real estate genius Billy Keels tells us how we can break the golden handcuffs with a side hustle in real estate, even if we’re starting out with next to nothing.

Billy Keels

Billy Keels has been married for almost ten years and is the father of two sons that are 6 and 8 years old. He currently lives in Barcelona, Spain and has traveled through more than 58 countries as part of his corporate job. Billy makes a great living, and he worked hard to put money into his 401K and IRA. So he felt helpless when he watched the fluctuations and crashes in the market.

He read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad and decided he would need to try something different to get different results. The ideas were contrary to everything he was taught, but they made sense and this inspired him to put them into practice.

Billy wanted to take more control of his financial future and had a dream of building a real-estate empire.  He still maintains his corporate job, but after buying his first property 18 months ago, he now owns 27 and plans to own 300 by 2019!

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What You’ll Learn

  • The 4 Key Elements to Start a Side Hustle in Real Estate
  • How much revenue he earns from his properties
  • How to leverage other people’s money
  • How a local bank manager, a real estate agent, and a contractor were the 3 relationships that caused the chain of events that gave him his financial freedom
  • How he achieved his 5-year goal in 18 months
  • What mistakes he made in the beginning
  • How he built a core team to help him manage his US properties from Europe
  • How overthinking was his greatest hindrance
  • Why you shouldn’t just buy the cheapest properties
  • How defining the person you want to serve guarantees success
  • How to take advantage of the free information on the internet
  • How to use your free time to become valuable to someone else
  • How he obtained the capital to start investing
  • His best advice on begin a father


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