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Eric Davis Raising Men

Eric Davis on Leading from the Front.

At the GDP, we’ve had story after story of men overcoming numerous challenges, only to become stronger men and better fathers. Through all of these stories, the common thread is grit and determination. In this episode, we talk with Eric Davis, Navy SEAL and author of Raising Men, continues this trend and brings a fresh perspective on how to become the best version of yourself as a father.

Eric Davis on the Seal Way of Life

Eric explains how the principles from his SEAL training gave him the keys to be the best father he can be. As observers, we, as the general public, see images of SEALs in film or TV, we are only exposed to the exciting and heroic moments. What isn’t revealed, Eric says, is dealing with the times when he has to be away on deployment, no phone calls, no contact with family. It takes a certain discipline, on his behalf and that of his family, to deal with those times.

Embrace Failure

One of the principles Eric Davis uses is to embrace failure. This seems counterintuitive for a SEAL, but it is exactly what they do. Instead of sulking over a loss or failed mission, they look at what they can learn from it and move on (sound familiar? Attitude of gratitude?). Apply this to your life: we aren’t perfect as humans-we will make mistakes. So, what better lesson to teach our kids when life does not go as planned, to take the failure and deliberately turn it in to a lesson on how to approach similar future situations.

Eric Davis on Leading from the Front

Be a winner. Eric says that in the SEALs, when they are training there are multiple drills run. They compete against each other, even in training, and when they don’t complete first or second, they are made to continue the grueling workout. So why don’t we do the same with ourselves? In other words, continue to improve. This way, when our kids see ourselves continuing to strive for our best selves, they will do the same.

Take Care of YOU

It’s ok to focus on you. Too many times as dads, we are driven to continue to provide for our families, often to our own detriment. And what does that teach our kids? That life is over when you have a family? As men, we still need to feed our own needs for self-care and strong friendships. It’s the common scenario of making sure you take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else.

It doesn’t take Navy SEAL training to be a great dad; it takes the drive and desire to want to better yourself on a daily basis. It takes showing up for your kids on your toughest days.



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