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To the Beat of Your Own Drum

Are you living as your true self? Or have you built your life around someone else’s idea of who you’re supposed to be? And if you feel like you’re living a lie, how can you drown out the noise of the world and march to the beat of your own drum?

Today we have an everyday dad and extraordinary person from the Dad Edge Alliance. Chris Lesso is the founder of Your Best Self Through Drumming and is an expert on optimizing the power of drumming to improve focus, confidence, and self-expression.

Through the metaphor of music, Chris explains how each of us has a different drum beat and how we can connect with our best selves by letting our voices be heard. He teaches us how we can become aware of our unique rhythms so that we can better lead our families and keep the beat for our own song of life.

Chris Lesso

Chris Lesso is an expert on optimizing the power of drumming to improve focus, confidence, and self expression in music and in life. LTR (Life Through Rhythm) is an attitude and way of life, brought forth through drumming compositions, musical performance, and education, using drumming as a force to reach our fullest potential and live the art of possibility.

Chris began his journey early, drumming and playing piano at the age of 7, and has never looked back. He has studied with world renowned educators Dom Famularo, Jim Chapin, Jim Blackley, and in India with Swapan Chaudhuri. A lifelong student of the craft, he sought out to play with the best musicians in the world, touring internationally with Wild T & The Spirit, Cavalia Odysseo, and many others.

Combining a fascination of history with pushing the edges of future evolution, Chris leads his own band modus factor, featuring world renowned musicians Brownman (Jay Z, Dave Matthews Band) and Ian DeSouza (Juno Award winning Sisters Euclid). Described as ‘electro ambient bedlam’, modus factor uses improvisation and daring reinvention to create an energized sound all its own, drawing on textures from jazz, electronic, and world music.

A born teacher, Chris takes his LTR (Life Through Rhythm) philosophy around the world to empower drummers getting to their next level, but also to businesses looking for an edge in using drumming to come together as an energized team, using the power of flow states to rise above the competition.

What You’ll Learn

  • We all have a personal rhythm in life that includes our habits, our thoughts, and our speech
  • Drumming teaches us to be assertive leaders because drummers must keep the beat for the rest of the band
  • The f-word we must teach our kids
  • How playing music helps you focus, develop confidence and self-worth
  • Cultivating self-expression to grow confidence
  • Asking yourself, “What do you have to say?”
  • The maxims of the practice of drumming – movement (physical exertion), rhythm (daily practice), discipline (becoming a disciple of your best self), being childlike (not childish)
  • Controlling your emotional state
  • Why drumming keeps you humble
  • How learning something knew puts you back into your kids’ shoes, helping you relate to them when they’re learning something they’ve never done before
  • How learning an instrument like drums grows new neurons and muscle memory
  • Developing patience and staying fresh and in the moment
  • Letting your kids watching you do something your passionate about
  • Urgency is good, but self-importance is not.
  • Detach and welcome obstacles and circumstances beyond our control
  • Why smiling at someone is being creative
  • We’re all going to look back on this crisis and think about how we showed up during this time. What are you going to remember?



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