Brian Preston the Money Guy on the Dad Edge Podcast

Brian Preston – The Money Guy from Abound Wealth Management

Brian Preston is the Managing Partner of Abound Wealth Management and the Founder and Host of The Money Guy Show Podcast. Brian has over two decades of experience in personal financial planning and taxes, and he is passionate about assisting others in optimizing their lives so that they can focus on the things that truly matter to them. In this episode, Brian and Larry discuss the importance of good parenting and financial planning.

Brian shared a personal story about his father, who was laid off when Brian was in middle school. His parents were struggling financially, but Brian recalls this time as being one of the happiest times of his childhood. This story serves as a reminder that, while money is important, it should not be the sole focus. Family is more important than money.

Living a purposeful life means taking the time to appreciate the people in your life, spending time with them, and making sure that you are living life to the fullest. It means taking the time to reflect on your goals and dreams, and taking action to make them a reality.

Larry’s story is a reminder that life is precious and should be lived to the fullest. We should strive to live a purposeful life, focusing on the things that bring us joy and enrich our lives. We should make sure that we are living our lives in a way that will leave a legacy for our children and future generations.

Life is too short to spend it worrying about money. Instead, focus on living a purposeful life and creating a legacy that will last for generations.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Save early and often.
  2. Invest for long-term wealth.
  3. Live a purposeful life.

What You’ll Learn

00:04:35 Live for the future.

00:07:36 Save liquid assets for retirement.

00:11:05 Save early for retirement.

00:17:45 Start investing early.

00:20:10 Save and invest for wealth.

00:26:30 Cash is a wealth builder.

00:33:36 Build liquid assets for wealth.

00:35:02 Build wealth before retirement.

00:43:47 Happiness transcends wealth.

00:45:06 Time is more important than money.

00:51:17 Live a purposeful life.

00:55:36 Start taking action now.

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