Personal Development Event for Dads
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The Ultimate Personal Development Event for Dads

Today I’m joined by my two facilitators for The Dad Edge Summit live event, Jason MacKenzie and Jeff Bouwman. We recorded this episode live in The Dad Edge Mastermind community. The men online were not only able to listen but also interact with us on the podcast.

There are five dimensions of manhood. They are health (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual), work, our relationship with our spouse, our relationship with our children, and finances. In this live Q&A, we go through how we approached each dimension of manhood in last year’s Dad Edge Summit and how we will approach them in this year’s summit using techniques like appreciative inquiry, group exercises, and visualization.

At most personal development events, we are part of an audience. We sit and listen to speakers, but The Dad Edge Summit is different. It’s active, not passive. The intimate setting allows for deep self-exploration and fosters breakthroughs that change the lives of the participants. Listen to why The Dad Edge Summit is the ultimate personal development event for dads!

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Jason MacKenzie and Jeff Bouwman

Jason MacKenzie is the author of The Dadly Book of Open: How Cultivating Vulnerability Makes You a Stronger, Wiser and More Courageous Father. Jeff Bouwman is the author of Your Income, Your Life, which helps parents understand what their relationship with money looks like today, and define what it could be going forward.

The two of them partnered up to create Adaptive Growth Systems, a full service training agency that specializes in bringing teams, organizations, and communities together to achieve the goals that matter most.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why the traditional meeting structure doesn’t bring about dynamic change
  • How to build on strengths to create a future beyond imagining
  • What is appreciative inquiry (founded 30 years ago by David L. Cooperrider) and why it matters
  • How to create a shared culture where everyone can flourish, whether in business or in your own household
  • How to search through questions the best of what was, what is in the present, and what is to become to create a living vision
  • How to move from a deficit-based approach to one of possibility
  • How the dad/child relationship parallels the generation gap
  • How technology has changed a dad’s role. Before, our dad had the answers. Now the answers are at kids’ fingertips.
  • How to bring people together by asking better questions
  • Why men focus on weaknesses instead of strengths
  • How we’re taught to improve through correcting what’s not working instead of focusing on what is working and building on that
  • That self-improvement historically comes from eliminating weaknesses
  • How most people have never considered that focusing on strengths is a more effective way to improve
  • How it’s scientifically proven that when we focus on strengths, we accelerate the path we’re on
  • How to crowdsource the intelligence in the room
  • Giving yourself permission to talk about the things you are good at
  • The 3 key appreciative inquiry questions
  • What questions you can ask yourself to find your strengths
  • How to learn from your weaknesses
  • How to create a safe space in an emotionally charged situation involving your wife and kids
  • How to reframe around what you want instead around what you don’t want
  • The difference between being positive and generative
  • What men can expect at The Dad Edge Summit 2019 – Building connections with higher caliber people


How to Optimize the 5 Dimensions of Manhood

How Embracing Vulnerability will Strengthen your Resolve and Manhood with Jason MacKenzie

How to Pay Off Debt and Create Financial Security for Your Family with Jeff Bouwman

How to Unf*ck Yourself with Gary John Bishop

Learn More About Our Live Event!

June 5th – 8th 2019


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