Do you feel distracted when you are around your wife & kids and can’t seem to get fully present no matter what you do?

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Full Focus & Presence Training

Learn how to connect with your kids without getting distracted so you can be fully present

Most of us have a very hard time shutting down our thoughts and even distractions (like our phones) when we are trying to spend intentional time with our family.

We want to connect on a deep level and be 100% present in the moment, but it is difficult to do with all of the distractions of modern life.

This resource will teach you how to override your distractions or wondering mind.

You will learn:

  • How to be 100% present in the moment.
  • How to physically, mentally, and emotionally override our distracted mind so we can be fully immersed in the moment with the people who mean most to us.
  • How to make our wives and kids feel seen and heard.
  • How to leverage the 4 senses to get fully immersed in the Present Moment so we can elevate the relationship with our wives and kids.
  • so much more…

Being 100% present in the moment is part of several skills we teach within Dad Edge so you can enjoy elevating the connection with your kids without fear you are missing important moments.

Without it, we can jeopardize the connection with our kids and make them feel unseen and unimportant.

With this training you will know exactly how to tactically become 100% immersed in the moment with your kids no matter what is going on in your life.

It’s simple.

It’s easy to learn.

It’s a game changer for your relationship.

Use and enjoy!

Larry Hagner

The training on focusing your distracted mind is only a click away…