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How to Become the CEO of Your Life with Dan Doromal

Dan Dormal

Dan Doromal is a husband, father, and CEO of several businesses. Dan graduated with an Engineering degree; however, his main focus is on creating new businesses and marketing. Dan is a mastermind member of Dad Edge Alliance and shares some of his experiences in this podcast. He is the founder of Everest Ice and Water systems, which created a patent for a one moving part ice vending machine system. Dan has been married to his wife for 10 years, and they have a daughter and a son. Dan stresses the importance of becoming the CEO of your own life, whether it’s in your business, your marriage, your children, or even with yourself. It’s important to prioritize the things that are important to you when you’re trying to live legendary.

In this podcast, Dan recalls the lessons he’s learned throughout his marriage, the lessons he’s learned from his children, and the lessons he’s learned through creating several successful businesses. He gives advice to men that are behind him, and how they can best implement the CEO strategy into their lives. He also talks about what he would like to be celebrating at the end of the year, and all that he’s accomplished. Dan also talks about how it’s important to get on your child’s level and see the world through their eyes. It can sometimes change your entire perspective on life.

What You’ll Learn: 


Dan talks about an activity or hobby that he likes to do outside of work.


Dan talks about how long he’s been married.


Dan talks about the biggest thing he’s learned in his marriage.


Dan talks about what getting through difficult times in marriage looks like for him and his wife.


Dan talks about how things are changing in his life due to appreciative inquiry correlation.


Dan talks about what his perfect day off would look like.


Dan talks about what emotions he felt as he was writing his eulogy.


Dan gives advice to men who are 10-15 years behind him, just starting off their journey.


Dan talks about what he will be celebrating at the end of this year.


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Dan Doromal



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