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The 6 Tenets of Success with Former Navy SEAL Jason Redman

Today we have retired Navy Seal Jason Redman on The Dad Edge podcast. He is a hero, a speaker, and the author of The Trident: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader. Jason has gone through extreme adversity and his story demonstrates astounding mental toughness and resilience.

During a military operation on Sept 13, 2007, he took two hits to his arm and a shot to his face. His ironfisted determination helped him cheat death, come home alive, and heal from his injuries. You’ll hear the incredible story of the famous sign he posted outside his hospital room and also get his advice on how to be a man and a father. Brace yourself for tremendous inspiration!

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Jason Redman

Jason comes from a long line of family who served in the military. He knew he wanted to be a Seal since he was a kid. He was always fascinated with heroes. In the late 80s early 90s there was very little info about the teams and the mystique around the SEALs stoked his furnace and sparked his curiosity. No one would ever expect him to actually make his dream come true. He blossomed late when it came to athletics. In 9th grade he was still 5ft tall and 100 pounds. People laughed when he told them he wanted to be a SEAL.

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In his early years, this attitude helped him push through situations, including the brutal BUD/S training. He made it to the SEALs and began his whirlwind of a military career.

What You’ll Learn

  • How he damaged his reputation by letting his ego get him involved in a firefight in which he didn’t belong
  • The firsthand account of how while on an operation to capture an Al Qaeda High Value Individual, his assault team came under the ambush that led to his injuries
  • What he felt like and thought about when he knew he was dying
  • How he prayed to God and was given the strength to board the rescue chopper under his own power
  • His advice to the average man who takes everyday gifts for granted
  • How he struggled and coped with his facial disfigurement
  • What his famous sign at the hospital said and how it came to be
  • How leaders are always on duty
  • How dads are always leaders
  • His 6 tenets of success
    • Overcome
    • Live greatly
    • Love deeply
    • Stay humble
    • Lead always
    • Live life with no regrets
  • About his second book coming out
  • About online show
  • About his acting debut in an indie film

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