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How To Be Adaptable To Change as a Working Dad with Vaughn Kohler, Cohost of the MFCEO Project

Episode Overview:

working dadWhat defines you? As men, many times we define ourselves by the job title we hold, but that can be fleeting at times given the state of the world. So, what’s a working man to do?

Vaughn Kohler, writer, speaker, mentor, co-host of a top-rated business podcast (in other words, man of multiple hats) talks with Larry and Shawn about being confident enough in your skills and abilities so that, whatever job you’re in or wherever life leads you, you are defined by a core set of skills that will never go away.

Key Takeaways of a Working Dad:

The world is volatile

Change is a given. As cliche as it is, along with death and taxes, change is one thing we can count on. Sometimes that job we’re in doesn’t work out, relationships falter, but we don’t need to be defined by these facts. What defines us is what we take away from this change.

Who are you?

Just because you work at a law firm and you have a law degree and, yes, technically you ARE a lawyer, this is not WHO you ARE. What skills do you bring to the table? Are you the key communicator, researcher, negotiator? See the difference? You are defined by the core talents you have, not your title.

You don’t have to be extraordinary…

It’s definitely ok to be a working dad, but just be you. Be deliberate in your actions and what you set out to achieve. Even if you aren’t superhuman (because NO one is), you can achieve what you want through understanding your gifts and applying them with deliberate action every day.

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  1. Thank you Vaughn for being so open to sharing your faith journey with all the listeners. It sounds like another Scott Hahn story.
    Larry and Shawn Love your show, I listen to all your new show and catching up on your old shows.

    Keep up the great work!!
    Steve Duffley

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