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5 Life Changing Lessons from Dad – GDP027

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“5 Life Changing Lessons from Dad” Episode Overview:

Shawn and I did things a bit different for this episode. We really wanted hear from our audience. So, I reached out on social media and posed a question:

“What was one life changing lesson you learned from your dad growing up that has inspired you to be a better man?”

The responses were incredible. We chose five quotes from five different fathers and then reflected on each quote. If one of these quotes really hit home, tweet it. You never know who needs inspiration and you could literally change someone’s day and life.

Life Changing Lesson #1 from Dallas Durrance:

“Don’t stand in a shadow, but cast one of your own. Live like you have nothing to lose, because you can always come home.”

The quote: “Don’t stand in a shadow, but cast one of your own.” We thought this quote from Dallas’s dad was truly inspirational. Reason being, it illustrates being true to yourself and taking risk. Most of us live a life of trying to fit in and being like everyone else. This quote serves a powerful reminder that being true to our ourselves is empowering.

The quote: “Live like you have nothing to lose” reminds us that life is all about taking risks and living outside our comfort zones. Believe it or not, a comfort zone can be extremely uncomfortable.

The quote: “because you can always come home” is so powerful. As dads, the best thing we can do is give our kids an environment to take risks, make mistakes, and live life to the fullest. Being able to come home after you have taken risks and made mistakes gives our kids such an empowering sense of security.

Life Changing Lesson #2: from Austin Beardall:

“There are only two important things in life…1. You are a part of a family. 2. You will have a family of your own…nothing else matters.”

This quote really hit home with Shawn and I because it truly illustrates the importance of family. In life, we can be distracted by so many other obligations. However, at the end of the day, the only thing that truly matters is the family we are a part of and the one we create.

Life Changing Lesson #3 from Eric Dodge:

“Always live on less than what you make, don’t go into debt.”

Nothing can cause a strain on a marriage like financial burden. Every relationship goes through peaks and valleys when it comes to money. In today’s society, banks will over qualify us for way more house than we can buy. Credit cards will give us a limit we can never pay back. Car dealerships will sell us a car we cannot afford. At the end of the day, the materialistic “stuff” isn’t worth the financial stress and burden. If we can’t pay cash for it, it probably isn’t worth buying.

Check out Episode 18, with Brian McGraw and Jon Graf from Thrivent Financial. These guys give excellent strategies for financial peace of mind. Also, if you haven’t read Dave Ramsey’s book, “The Total Money Makeover” …check it out.

Life Changing Lesson #4 from Ed Boudreau:

“Always remember the SIX P’s! Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!”

Look at any area of our lives and this is absolutely true! When I first read this, I automatically started thing about job performance and success aspirations. However, after really thinking about it, I realized this spills over into our family lives. If we don’t plan to be our very best and to be engaged with the people that matter most to us…we haven’t planned properly.

Life Changing Lesson #5 from Brock McGoff:

“Your clothes are either working for you or against you, but they are always working.”

What we wear says a lot about our own personality, values, and views on life. Fashion and clothing for men is an important part of who we are. What we decide to wear can make or break a first impression depending on the situation. Check out the show to hear more about this quote. Shawn has some excellent pearls of wisdom.

Thanks again for checking out our show! If you are an avid listener of the show or this is your first time…WELCOME to the GDP! Check out all of our resources for fatherhood and simply being our best.

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