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How to Conquer Alcohol Addiction with Ruari Fairbains

Ruari Fairbains, founder of One Year No Beer, comes on the GDP Podcast to challenge us to take a plunge into the uncommon world of 100% sobriety for one year.


Pumpkin spice beer, ale, hard cider, even Pumpkin Spiced Baileys Irish Cream are in full production and it’s the time of year when liquor manufacturers really make their holiday drinking push. Holiday parties, family gatherings and work functions seem synonymous with alcohol consumption during this season, in particular. Maybe you’ll even hear a couple stories about how things got out of hand at the office Christmas Party because Bob in accounting had one too many Jack and Cokes (sorry if your name is Bob and you’re in accounting).  But what if we made just “being” synonymous with these events? What if being sober was cool and drinking went by the wayside? Whoa, you say? Don’t take my beer, man, it’s how I get through this time of year!!

The increasingly popular podcast, One Year No Beer, challenges people to do just that: leave the booze behind for just 90 days. In this 90 days, forgo any type of alcoholic beverage and see what changes occur.

Better Health

The common thread in those who choose not to imbibe is better health. No alcohol equals no beer gut, better sleep habits, better sexual health and better health overall. Not to mention, you become more alert.

Better Employee

Those who have taken the challenge find they have a better focus at work. Better focus equals better job performance, leading to possibly better positions in the workplace. Think about having a more pleasant work experience simply because YOU feel better.

Ruari Fairbains on Better Family Time

Removing alcohol also opens you up to becoming more present with your family. Your mood will improve (let’s face it: alcohol alters our brain chemistry no matter how little or how much we consume). When you are better mentally, those around you will take notice and you will have more pleasant experiences with those you love.

Be the Example

Your kids are watching. You know this. When you handle tough social situations with alcohol, even if it is simply social drinking, your kids witness this. In their minds, alcohol equates to social situations because mom and dad use it during these times, even if it’s just a glass of wine to wind down. But if we change that paradigm and make other things synonymous with social situations, our kids will begin to see these differences as well. After all, they will learn how to behave from their parents.
So, even during this lovely fall season of Pumpkin Spiced Everything, maybe opt to remove the alcoholic version of this seasonal favorite. Instead, replace it with other events that get your endorphins going: take time out to laugh with those you love, get a bike ride in, take your clients to dinner and have a good time without the wine. You just might see that being with people without the filter of alcohol is just that much better.


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Thank you for checking out this week’s show with Ruari Fairbains, founder of One Year No Beer.

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