How to Have Less Stress and Make More Great Memories This Holiday Season

How to Have Less Stress and Make More Great Memories this Holiday Season:

Oh, the holidays. Time to sit back, relax, drink hot chocolate with the kids, contently knowing that you have all of your gifts purchased, wrapped and securely stowed to thwart would-be speakers. This is you, right? In the real world, probably not. More than likely, you’re stressing out over the biggest, best gifts to get your kids and your spouse (because that look on her face when you don’t takes all the wind out of your sails). Not to mention how to finance this onslaught of presents, deal with relatives and maintain your sanity! In this episode, Larry and Shawn present 5 ways to have a less stressful and more enjoyable holiday season and make more great memories this holiday season. So, sit back in your indoor coat (AKA robe), grab that hot chocolate and enjoy!

Key Takeaways:

  1. When it comes to your kids, it’s not all about the gifts. This season is about giving, and teaching your children this idea is a gift in itself. One thing that helps how to have less stress and make more great memories this holiday season is instead of stuffing a gazillion gifts under the tree, why not have them de-clutter their closets of toys and clothes they no longer use and gift them to those in need.
  2. Your spouse-it’s not all about the gift. Sometimes the gifts that mean the most cost the least. Your spouse wants to hear how much she means to you, so pick a card, put pen to paper and really tell her how you feel. This will mean more to her than anything you could buy.
  3. Buy gifts online. Why add more stress to your life battling crowded malls and stores? Technology has made gift buying so much easier (and sometimes cheaper)!
  4. Create different, outside the box traditions. Traditions don’t have to be elaborate to be meaningful. Maybe caroling door-to-door isn’t your thing; try a family “ginger bread house” making night or even take the kids golfing on Christmas in elf costumes (yep, this happened). Whatever it is, being together is what makes a tradition special.
  5. Set yourself up to win with your spouse. Want to win major brownie points this holiday season? Help your wife around the house, take the kids out and let her have some alone time. She’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and you’ll reap the benefits!

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