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Aaron Hale – From Darkness to Triumph

Aaron Hale is a former Navy chef and Army EOD team leader turned motivational speaker and entrepreneur, overcoming blindness and deafness to found the chocolate company Extra Ordinary Delights​​​​​​.

Finding Purpose Beyond Comfort: The Military Transition

Aaron Hale’s journey begins with a comfortable job in the military. He enjoys the perks and safety that come with his position, and for a while, it feels like a cushy gig. However, he soon realizes that he craves something more. He wants to serve a greater purpose and be on the front lines of danger.

The Culinary Path to EOD: A Unique Transition

Another factor that contributes to Aaron Hale’s decision to transition from comfort to danger is the nature of his job as a Navy cook. The Navy views cooks as the military equivalent of hotel restaurant management. Their duties often involve working in dining facilities on bases or in barracks, which can be mundane and unchallenging. Aaron’s placement as a night clerk at the front desk of the bachelor quarters during his shore duty further reinforces his desire for something more stimulating.

Embracing Danger and Adventure: A Soldier’s Drive

Aaron’s motivation to serve others and make a positive impact also drives his transition from comfort to danger. He believes that by doing his best for others, he can lead a more fulfilling life. This mindset aligns with his desire to contribute and do something greater than himself. Additionally, Aaron Hale admits that it’s also fun to blow things up, highlighting his adventurous spirit and willingness to embrace the excitement and challenges that come with being an EOD technician.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Embrace challenges and find solutions. 
  2. Overcome adversity with love and resilience. 
  3. Sharing lessons impacts the masses. 

What You’ll Learn

00:00:15 Resilience and pursuing one’s passion.

00:09:01 Stepping into a higher calling.

00:16:35 Gratitude and support are essential.

00:23:36 Embrace challenges and find solutions.

00:39:12 Overcoming adversity through resilience and love.

00:42:49 Endurance through pain builds resilience.

00:48:26 Keep going in the face of adversity.

00:54:06 Impact others by sharing lessons.




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