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Joel Staley – Sculpting Strong Fathers

Joel Staley is a fitness coach and the creator of the Shed Fat Fast program, specializing in helping individuals optimize their health and reduce body fat through methods like intermittent fasting. Despite holding a lucrative six figure job, he made the brave decision to quit on his daughter Kennedy’s first day at daycare.

In this episode of The Dad Edge, host Larry Hagner sits down with Joel Staley for a raw and insightful conversation about fitness, fasting, and finding your purpose. They dive deep into the importance of nutrition, the benefits of fasting, and the keys to building a great physique. Joel Staley, a successful fitness coach and entrepreneur, shares his own journey of leaving a corporate job to pursue his passion for helping others. They also discuss the significance of setting small goals, finding a supportive community, and being an active and involved parent.

Joel Staley emphasizes the importance of finding a sustainable diet that includes a balance of healthy meals and indulgences. It’s not about depriving yourself, but rather enjoying nutritious food while still allowing room for treats.

While Joel used to believe fasting was the answer to everything, he now sees it as just one tool for building a lean physique. Fasting can optimize hormone levels, aid in weight loss, and improve energy levels and self-mastery. However, it’s essential to break a fast with healthy, whole foods to feel great and avoid discomfort.

Both Larry and Joel stress the importance of finding a strong reason or “why” to prioritize physical fitness. Whether it’s being an active and involved parent or wanting to keep up with your kids, having a compelling purpose will motivate you to take action and make positive changes.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Adopt balanced, sustainable nutrition.
  2. Foster a supportive, accountable community.
  3. Emphasize resistance training for muscle health.

What You’ll Learn

04:57 Leaving job, finding freedom, uncertain but confident.

08:34 Commit to weight loss journey on January 5th.

15:27 Fasting simplifies dieting but isn’t everything.

21:20 Protein smoothie warms digestive system for fasting.

25:41 Hormones and protein important for muscle growth.

28:21 Fasting for weight loss, maintenance is easier.

39:22 Deeply examine why you want to change.

40:49 Understanding the struggle of getting back in shape.

50:41 Resistance training essential for losing fat, building muscle.

54:23 Impressive physique, intense workouts, going to failure.

58:50 Find your tribe and get support.


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