Approach Your Wife When You’re in Crisis
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How to Approach Your Wife When You’re in Crisis

How should you approach your wife when you’re in crisis? When we men go into crisis, we have a tendency to shut down. We don’t want to appear like we don’t have it all under control. We don’t want our spouses to worry. Some might think that sharing all of our feelings of anxiety, stress, anger, or overwhelm with our spouse is the logical alternative, but this isn’t the answer either. Our wives shouldn’t have to shoulder all our problems.

Today, we have Alliance Member Alex Vanhouten on the show. He is the creator of Defining Dadbod, which aims to create a legacy of health and fitness for our kids. But he wasn’t always an entrepreneur. A few months ago, Alex was a successful employee who was terminated from his job without warning. Alex’s wife is a stay-at-home mom and he didn’t know what to do as the sole support for a single-income household. He tells us what he did before explaining his crisis to his wife to make sure that they both could cope with it in best way possible.

[bctt tweet=”‘Why would I go to my wife for validation when she has zero experience being a man?’—Alex Vanhouten @definingdadbod #men #marriage #manhood #brotherhood #tribe” username=”gooddadprojct”]


‘[bctt tweet=”‘You won’t be any better if you’re the only resource you have.’—Alex Vanhouten @definingdadbod #men #manhood #dads #fathers #fatherhood #brotherhood” username=”gooddadprojct”]

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