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Three Types of Men & What They Mean

Three Types of Men & What They Mean

There are three types of men in this world and each category defines a specific stage of personal growth that each man experiences in their life. The first category is “the victim.” The victim is a type of man who blames his shortcomings and faults on outlying factors. For example, a victim might not show affection toward his wife and kids and then blame it on his parents not showing him any affection. This type of man will find proof to justify his actions and faults just to make himself feel better. For example, he may start eating healthy, go off on a food binge, and then blame it on the fact that he has never been able to eat healthy.

The “content zombie” is the next stage of personal development. This is the stage where the man recognizes he needs to make a change before his marriage or his relationship with his kids falls apart. He reads all of the podcasts, articles, goes to conferences, gets counseling – the works. The only issue with this stage is that there is no action. The content zombie has acquired all of the information necessary to change his life, yet hasn’t taken the action to execute it yet.

The last phase of personal development, and the phase that men should spend the largest portion of their time in is the “executor phase.” This is the stage where the man has finally begun to take some action and uses accountability to keep him honest. For example, you have begun asking your wife insightful questions about your relationship such as, “What are some things I do that make you feel the most loved?” You not only ask her this question, but you also have an accountability partner that you relay this outcome with so that you can stay on top of the development process.

There comes a point in your life when you have to make a choice. You have to decide that if you died today, what kind of legacy would you leave in your wife and children. Would they carry on that legacy into their lives? Would you have made an impact that would carry on through the generations? If you said no to any of these questions, it’s time to make a choice. Do you go on living your life? Or, do you make a choice and decide to live legendary?


What You’ll Learn: 

Three Types of Men


There are three types of men and each category represents a specific stage in personal development.


The Victim


Content Zombie


The Executor


Staying in Camp 3


What camp are you living in right now?


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