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Getting What Money Can’t Buy with Robert Althuis

Today’s episode I am sure will make you stop for a minute and ask yourself how much of your identity you might have wrapped around certain areas of your life such as work

My guest today is an Amazon best-selling author, Robert Althuis, who wrote, “Never Enoughitis”. He is also the founder of the Sacred Wealth Institute, a mindful organization that provides coaching strategies, tools, and techniques to help private clients and businesses embody their full human potential.

Robert reached the pinnacle of success and yet, it was not enough, and today he shares that with us. On paper he had everything we could possibly want and inside the man was dying. He realized that the things that he did were not who he was. So let’s get into it.

What You’ll Learn

4:53 Interview Begins

5:07 The Dad Edge name

Larry explains how the name came to be, from the dark father moment he had and rebranding from The Good Dad Project. Men are not to keen to seeing themselves as a project, but when he wrote his first self-published book called A Dad’s Edge, then he changed it.

7:57 Being a Project

Robert Althuis gives an example as to how we as men are like diamons and we are constantly polishing ourselves. That polishing at times might hurt a little.

9:01 Masculine Point of View

Robert Althuis talks about the masculine perception today being as one of negativity and the disconnection between masculine and feminine in today’s society.

10:52 Love & Compassion

Larry narrates what he understands as love and compassion regarding loving the United States of America as someone who serves their country in any one of the military branches. At almost 1000 interviews, he understands that no one serves for the chance to go to war, but out of loyalty, love and compassion.

16:36 Fulfillled or Unhappy

Robert Althuis talks about a point in his life when he realized that eventhough he had everything in his life and seemed like life was perfect financially, on the inside he was crumbling.

18:22 Drugs & Porn

Larry Hagner and Robert Althuis talk about how porn is the sneakiest addiction and compare it success also being an addiction that creeps up on us.

20:52 Demand Creates Supply

Robert Althuis brings up the point of how demand for porn and drugs create a supply. The fact that as a man, you decide to watch porn creates an industry for such an industry and it has a real impact.

we can create a much more beautiful world by just all being conscious about creating a little less harm.

Robert Althuis

23:20 Loved & Seen

Robert Althuis talks about how for him it all began as a man who wanted to be seen and heard by his father.

27:10 Leonardo DaVinci

Robert mentiones how Leonardo DaVinci said art is neverfinished, only abandoned.

27:58 Everybody can change

Robert goes deep into an idea of how the universe presents us gifts wrapped in sandpaper: crisis, catastrophe, calamity, we lose our job, we get divorced, we lose a loved one, our kids get sick, we get cancer, whatever it might be. These are all things we learn from and become better from them.

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