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The Little Things That Matter Most In Life with EksAyn Anderson

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a story like the one that my guest shared on this podcast. We tend to give a lot of importance to things that really don’t matter and we easily forget that anyone in your life can be ripped from you in a heartbeat.

I guarantee that you will operate differently after you listen to today’s podcast.

My guet is EksAyn Anderson is an author, negotiation expert, speaker and has been seen on Forbes.com, Speaker Magazine, TV and various blogs and podcasts. He wrote a book called the Key to the Gate: Principles and techniques to get past gatekeepers. 

This episode is truly a gift. Listen or watch all the way to the end.

What You’ll Learn

4:09 Interview Begins

7:15 Spiritual Super Model

EksAyn describes what it means to him that his wife is spiritual super model. To him that means that she is very in tune with other people’s needs.

10:14 Drawing Trees Story

When EksAyn was young, he used to draw in a way that was very detailed and he later when to school and he saw how other children drew trees. When he saw how the other children drew trees he started to do the same to try to fit in.

14:05 Mom Passing

EksAyn describes the moment when he saw his mom passing once they unplugged her from the life support system. He said he wanted to to give her a kiss but he was afraid to so he faked it 2 inches from her head.

18:03 Family Reunions

At age 34, EksAyn Anderson’s father became a widower with 7 children and as EksAyn narrates this story, he realizes how much of a good man his father was and all he did to pull through such a hard time.

He now has 54 grand kids.

22:11 Misty Eyed

Larry shares a story about his son’s Ethan 16th birthday. He realized how quick time had gone by, even faster than what he expected. That is why he tells men to live legendary!

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