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Angus Nelson is an executive coach, speaker, and facilitator, specializing in emotional intelligence and high-performance team building. He brings a unique blend of experience in personal development and corporate innovation, empowering leaders and teams to thrive in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Men are twice as likely to take their own lives. This alarming fact sets the stage for a discussion on the importance of seeking help and support. Angus Nelson acknowledges that isolation is a major factor contributing to this statistic. Many men, out of pride and fear of judgment, keep their struggles to themselves.

Angus Nelson goes on to explain that many individuals have things they are unwilling to say out loud, even to themselves. Instead of seeking support, they distract themselves with various activities or substances. This avoidance stems from a belief that admitting to having a problem or struggling makes them less of a man, less of an alpha species. However, the truth is that nobody is perfect, and everyone has their own issues. Angus emphasizes that even those who may seem aspirational or perfect have their own weighty problems.

Angus and Larry Hagner suggests that giving oneself grace, love, and self-compassion can be transformative. By accepting that imperfection is a shared human experience, individuals can find healing and develop a more compassionate mindset. Angus believes that if individuals can extend grace and compassion to themselves, they can also spread those qualities to others.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Overcome despair through grace.  
  2. Importance of seeking help and support. 
  3. Depth in conversations are important.

What You’ll Learn

00:00:39 Mistaken Identity and Curiosity about Angus Young

00:01:27 Musicians and Lifestyle Choices

00:02:08 Angus’s Backstory and Music Festivals

00:03:34 Hosting Train at a Music Festival

00:08:20 Men and Despair

00:10:42 Acquaintance’s Suicide and Identity Loss

00:14:03 Angus’s Identity Crisis Under the Christmas Tree

00:27:16 Bridging the Gap Between External Measures and True Identity

00:30:42 The Power of Asking and Offering Help

00:32:37 The Epidemic of Busyness and Avoiding Self-Reflection

00:39:51 Creating Your Own Destiny and Permission for Possibility

00:45:42 Seeing Yourself Through the Eyes of Loved Ones

00:49:31 The Five Loved and Unloved Exercise with Angus’s Wife

00:56:48 Revisiting the Five Loved and Unloved List

01:00:24 The Impact of the Five Loved and Unloved Exercise on Relationships


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