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Simple, Sexy Marriage with Dr. Corey Allan

Today we have Dr. Corey Allan on the show. He is a marriage and family therapist and the host of the Sexy Marriage Radio podcast, which has been going strong for seven years. Dr. Allan outlines most common problems couples bring to his office, including sex. In this conversation, we get granular about sex issues along with intimacy and pornography.

In his experience, Dr. Corey Allan estimates that that man has the higher desire for sex in 70% of marriages, but men tend to follow a script and don’t get creative with their wives. He tells us what we’re doing wrong when it comes to trying to get more sexual with our spouses and how to talk about it without putting them on the defense. He also talks about the 30% of marriages in which the woman has the higher desire for sex and how couples can manage that.

You may be surprised by his advice. Download this episode because you’ll want to listen to it again!

[bctt tweet=”‘A woman knows very well if the goal for the day is in her pants.’—Dr. Corey Allan @simplemarriage #marriage #sex #intimacy ” username=”gooddadprojct”]

[bctt tweet=”‘We’re quick to blame our spouse for our troubles.’—Dr. Corey Allan @simplemarriage #marriage #sex #intimacy ” username=”gooddadprojct”]

What You’ll Learn

  • How to improve the marriage you have
  • How to stop the blame cycle
  • Why you need to stop trying to fix your wife and instead fix yourself
  • How to invite good changes into your life
  • The main complaints from women
  • How the fear of rejection is magnified to a woman
  • How to be a student of your wife
  • Non-sexual touch
  • The 4 Most Common Marriage Problems:
    • Sex
    • Money
    • In-laws
    • Children
  • How to succeed by respecting your wife’s differences rather than trying win her over to your way of thinking
  • The danger of being attached to outcomes
  • The difference between functional sex and sex for intimacy
  • Two components of intimacy:
    • Knowing your partner
    • Being known yourself
  • How intimacy can be just as likely comfortable as uncomfortable
  • Why there’s nothing wrong with a wife who doesn’t want to have sex
  • How the higher desire spouse has to recognize the lower desire spouse
  • How women were wired to be responsive, not initiative
  • How men often try to manufacture a way to penetrate instead of encouraging a response
  • Why you have to live a life beyond your wife, a life that’s inspiring to her
  • If you’re with her, be present with her. Quality time is more effective than the quantity of time
  • Why you shouldn’t hover around your wife waiting for sex
  • How foreplay is a long play in marriage
  • Why a fully turned on woman can be terrifying for men
  • The debilitating effects of porn
  • How women want to be led their husbands
  • How the way you conduct yourself in life translates in the bedroom

[bctt tweet=”‘Everything we do in marriage communicates. Everything we do NOT do in marriage communicates.’—Dr. Corey Allan @simplemarriage” username=”gooddadprojct”]


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